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So, I feel like I should start talking to you about my current Work-in-Progress, since I think it’s finally beginning to gather steam, production-wise.

It’s Science Fiction, I suppose. 312 more words


So, maybe you remember this post.

or you don’t. I don’t know, I’m not your memory, get off my back.

Anyway, several months back it was requested by Kasia James into an anthology she was putting together on Motherhood. 249 more words

Our Takes

Conference Kid Rag

Today I’m super excited because I’m coming to you from the Florida Writer’s Conference in Lake Mary!

It’s 9:00, so the day is over, but I thought I’d offer a little insight on a topic that I only today became an expert on. 576 more words

The Rag

Clone Block

I struggle sometimes with characterization, especially with voice. My characters have a tendency to sound like clones of one another, which isn’t what any author wants. 270 more words

Writer's Block

Fall Rag

You were going to get something really cool today, post-wise, and then life and technology interfered, so you have to wait for two weeks, until it’s my turn to do the Rag again. 223 more words

The Rag

Nerdfighter Rag

I’m going to tell you a story.

Once upon a time two months ago, I was on Pinterest and found a link to a blog post detailing “ 508 more words

The Rag

I'm Back!

And oh, how you’ve missed me.

For those that don’t realize, this post referred to my own labor and delivery on August 21. Early on a Wednesday morning, my husband and I welcomed our second little girl 250 more words

The Rag