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Rai's pretty cool

So this is where Rai lives. I wanted to visit them again and so we got together tonight for some more music and stuff. Eventually they said they wanted to do something and they knew a club where we could get in. 180 more words

Hailey Wolff

RAI #14 – Matt Kindt and CAFU Chart the Untold History of 4001 A.D. in June!

As revolution courses through the year 4001 A.D., uncover the long-hidden history of Rai’s rise through the ages…and the secret origin of the Valiant Universe’s greatest lineage of heroes! 247 more words


TW for Assault

So I had to sleep at Rai’s last night.

There were some guys standing too close to my car I couldn’t do it once they started yelling for me as I came closer to them. 202 more words

Hailey Wolff

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I am myself. I am canny, brutal, experienced. I laugh at the gods. I delight in life. My foes meet death swiftly.

I am a master-assassin, with a soul cursed by morality. 313 more words


This Thursday!!

So this Thursday Rai and I are going to hang out.


They’re going to show me awesome music and we’re going to hang out and all the cool stuff because they’re awesome and I’m awesome and we’ll be even awesomer together. 157 more words

Hailey Wolff


So their name is Rai.

I said she was a girl but no they told me they’re not really anything like that. Like they’re not a boy or a girl and not really anything in between either so i messed up on that part. 25 more words

Hailey Wolff