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RAID configuration in Linux (mdraid)


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Here I am going to show you how to configure RAID 0, 1 & 5 Arrays in Linux OS. 248 more words


RAID Arrays - The Myth of Redundancy

One of the issue particularly concerning with ultra-large hard drives is something called an unrecoverable bit error (UBE). Although rarely discussed with potential customers and definitely a topic “down in the weeds” UBE is a problem anyone working with ultra-large hard drives and RAID sets will eventually have to deal with. 304 more words

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What are the Reliability Issues with RAID Arrays

Data protection is the biggest concern for the businesses. For this purpose, organizations use RAID array to store their data. It enables you to divide and replicate your data among various… 192 more words

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Our 2009 Look Ahead at IT Trends

Our focus revolves around storage trends in the multi-terabyte range.  i.e. Challenges with explosive data growth, how to implement D2D based archival at affordable prices, and ways to scale up and out without being locked into primary vendor choke holds. 400 more words


InforTrend SATA - SCSI RAID Performance

I’m currently developing a backup storage infrastructure for my new Virtualization Environment (oohhh I hear you say, exciting). No really, this is the stuff I love, storage, performance, DR and automation. 224 more words

RAID Arrays