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Is RAID/Replication/Erasure Coding Backup?

One of the things that makes a backup person’s head spin around is when they hear someone say, “my data is on RAID, so I don’t need to back it up.” The same would be true of erasure coding and replication. 616 more words


Thecus NAS上的Raid 5问题

我有两个Thecus N4100Pro,用希捷硬盘装配的Raid 5。很不幸的是,两个NAS都出现过Raid 5 damaged的情况(即两个盘同时坏掉),里面的数据全部丢失。理论上讲不应该呀,同时坏的概率应该很低。但实际上在往里面写大量小文件的时候,就会出现一个盘坏degraded的情况,在rebuild恢复过来后,继续大量写小文件,就出现两个盘damaged的情况。要不是Thecus NAS的Raid控制硬件不过关,或者是硬盘质量不行吧。

我后面将其中一个换成Raid 10,文件系统是Ext 4,仍然大量写小文件,居然不再出现一个盘Degraded的情况,到现在已经2,3年,证明可靠。最近当另一个NAS同样出现Raid 5损坏数据丢失的情况,也同样换成Raid 10 + ext 4,希望也能长寿。



Philippine police raid Islamic centre before Catholic event

(Source: www.channelnewsasia.com)

MANILA: Philippine police raided an Islamic centre in Manila and briefly detained scores of people as part of heightened security before a major Catholic festival, a spokeswoman said Sunday. 327 more words

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A Tale for Twenty Seventeen

With all the rage about decolonising and stripping all signs of our European past, I am not sure we should speak about colonial history in 2017? 482 more words


Squirrel mayhem

I unlocked the shop (tiny shed-where we keep our stuff, since we live in a tiny house) and walked in.  I startled a squirrel that was on the central support post just as I walked in.  362 more words

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What is Backup?

Defining backup is both simple and complex. Google says a backup is “the procedure for making extra copies of data in case the original is lost or damaged.” This definition describes the action (extra copies) and the purpose (in case the original is lost or damaged), and backup is a procedure, not a thing. 818 more words


Raspberry Pi 2B RAID 5 build – Part 4 - Final

Now we install Samba which is a file sharing program for Linux, it is Linux’s implementation of the SMB file protocol used by Windows. Once installed we can connect to shared folder on the tinypute from other machines. 281 more words

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