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Devil Takes No Break

Bowed down, deep spirit

Within which knew brief wild joy—

First freedom sweetest…


First freedom sweetest—

Why is peace shackled again?

Soul begs clear answer. 43 more words


Guild Wars 2 is now Free-to-play

Thats right Areanet has made it official. Guild Wars 2 is now free to play. In promotion for thier new Expansion that comes out Oct. 23rd (Heart of Thorns) Areanet is making the game free to new players. 506 more words

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Destiny stream highlights - Court of Oryx, Patrols and more!

Third times the charm as they say, as Bungie took to Twitch for their final stream in the build up to The Taken King. Hosted once again by Community Manager Deej, the fireteam this time was made up of Community Ambassador Laced Up Lauren, Designer Ben Wommack and boss man Urk took on hosting duties, to showcase the Court of Oryx. 536 more words


Q&A: Broken Mac mini Server RAID

Q We have hit a problem with our Mac mini Server, which has otherwise been proving an excellent purchase. We have it configured to use a RAID array, which we set up using Disk Utility. 226 more words


Thai Police Believe the Bangkok Bombers Planned Further Attacks

The recent bombing of Bangkok’s Erawan Shrine was likely intended to be the first of a spate of similar terrorist attacks, say Thai police, who are now seeking a Thai woman thought to be connected to a foreign suspect arrested over the weekend. 524 more words

Guild Wars 2 - the Aftermath of PAX

For those of you who aren’t aware, Guild Wars 2 is a pretty big deal in the gaming world. Set up by Arenanet as an MMORPG to challenge the tired tropes and clichés of MMOs, Guild Wars 2 has given gamers a beautifully crafted game world oozing with fantastic lore, engaging action combat and absolutely monolithic dragons. 554 more words



Hi Ice Warriors!

Today our US division had a routine patrol of our server Husky. Everything was well until somebody bot raided our event and caused huge problems for us. 61 more words

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