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Migration Patterns: Part3, Appendix 1 - Moving Qubes VMs to dedicated subvolume in btrfs raid1 on HDDs

In my last article, I showed how to install Qubes in its own subvolume alongside an existing Linux installation in a btrfs raid1 on top of LUKS volumes that I had set up in… 534 more words


How Final Fantasy XIV's New Raid Brings Final Fantasy Tactics To a New World

(Source: kotaku.com)

Last week’s “The Legend Returns” patch for Final Fantasy XIV gives players a taste of Final Fantasy Tactics and Final Fantasy XII in a special 24-person raid event called “The Royal City Of Rabanastre.” If you’re a fan of the Ivalice setting but not an MMO player, here’s what you’re missing. 1,086 more words


#Gloucester Police raid property and find four cannabis farms inside

This police bodycam footage captures the interior of a cannabis factory in a residential house – complete with a hemp-themed duvet cover.

The property, in Gloucester, was one of six targeted in dawn raids by a team of 50 officers which uncovered £750,000 of drugs. 107 more words


High Performance NAS in an Object World - Rozo Briefing Note

Object Storage dominates the unstructured data discussion. But many organizations need high performance NFS, SMB and even Apple’s AFP to meet the demand of various use cases in markets like M&E, Science, HPC and Oil and Gas. 713 more words


Another Master Pokémon GO Trainer joins Team Rocket Iligan, Sir Earl Kenny!


Nothing arouses the enthusiasm of Pokémon GO Trainers out for Raids more than seeing that Legendary Egg pop out and lay on top of a Pokémon Gym just waiting to hatch. 838 more words


Spurious alcohol sold as foreign brands in concealed drawers


Spurious alcohol sold as foreign brands in concealed drawers Spurious alcohol sold as foreign brands in concealed drawers