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Delilah's Reasons

Ace slugged back another Spike and wiped sweat off her forehead. That was seriously on the first tier? How much harder could this get?

“Everyone okay?” Zee asked. 458 more words

Five Minute Writing

Building a Case, Part 2

Slaiton watched the girl assemble Hellard’s equipment together in the dim light of the server room. He turned to Whent, who was looking on, bewildered. 247 more words

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The Obstacles to the Premiership


NFL Executive Mike Lombardi likes to say it’s harder to climb the mountain the second time. This somewhat obtuse saying is meant to outline that teams tend to think they can start the previous season where they finished. 1,278 more words

Building a Case

“Answers,” Slaiton said. “Now.” He turned his most withering gaze on the collection of security specialists crowded in front of him. The effect was likely diminished by the faint, bluish coloration cast by the emergency lights. 240 more words

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Be You Series

I don’t know about you but a lot of my life I’ve felt like I’ve been chasing others dreams. For example, I was running track trying to be the next Michael Johnson. 154 more words


Distress Call, Part 2

“Jet,” I said. “I hate to ask, but -”

“Right there with you,” Jet said. He was already over to the terminal and logging in. 287 more words

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Making the Oakland Raiders Great Again.

Source of Image: Raiders.com

This season in the NFL for the Oakland Raiders, They had an amazing season, That was until Derek Carr was injured with a broken Fiibia that led the Raiders to lose in the Wildcard game against Brock Osweiler and his Houston Texans. 299 more words