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Trains on Film: The Most Iconic Rail Interior Design in Films of the Last 25 Years

When creating new designs for our rail flooring portfolio, our designers take inspiration from an array of subjects – history, fashion, popular culture, food and more. 532 more words



The Orient Express. Just say it. Intrigue. Mystery. Adventure and romance. And all wrapped up in what amounts to nothing less than a grand hotel on wheels; the Ritz hotel of the railways. 531 more words

Ready To Roll

X Series 37391 freshly POH’ed and ready to be re-commissioned, waiting for someone to lay her down on the tracks


Careful WAPPIE

Says the doggy as it waits for the P7 to complete its shunting activities. It needs to cross the tracks to visit the museum


The P7 Badminton Saga

Now with the X Series out of the way, P7 starts it shunting activities to get the Coimbatore bound passenger onto the platform. The entire train cannot be shunted in one go as the yard is not big enough to handle such a large rake. 46 more words


And The Fun Begins

Hooting and puffing and crawling out of Mettupalayam, The X Series loco pushes a train full of passengers, who have brought out their child within and cameras as they prepare for an exciting and delightful experience on the UNESCO heritage NMR (Nilgiri Mountain Railway)


Show Me The Way

An undercarriage Checking area for the Loco and the train as the line is now all clear for the morning trip to paradise