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CNN, CNBC And MSNBC Push Infrastructure Funding After Amtrak Accident

By Joseph Rossell ~

At least six people died and many more were injured in a terrible Amtrak accident on the night of May 12, and before the cause had been discovered, multiple cable news networks used the tragedy to make a political point. 951 more words

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Not a Very Good Day

A post about nothing in particular, other than the not very good day that I had.

It’s amazing how quickly your day can go downhill, although to be fair it didn’t exactly start well. 1,024 more words


How relaxed I feel on this train back to Brussels

How relaxed I feel on this train back to Brussels, compared to the tediousness of having to fly straight home. A real pleasure. Fields of snow as far as the eye can see.

I'm booking myself on VIA Rail Canada. Am I on the right track?

Imagine breathing in the wonders of pristine nature as your train winds its way through a vibrant landscape. From the Atlantic to the Pacific and the barren North to the bustling metropolitan hubs of the South — Canada remains unique at every turn.   285 more words

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Incredibly I seem to have only got through 40 euros on my first day in Brussels

Incredibly, I seem to have only got through 40 euros on my first day in Brussels. I had four Stellas in the Dome, maybe four Maes in Fifth Avenue (plus one beer for Ina) then a McDonalds and back to hotel to pass out. 63 more words

Feeling so much better I took a trip on the train, sorry for my long absence!

Looking forward to posting more images and really catching up with all of the missed posts and comments from the past few weeks. I hope you are all having a good week and I am happy to be back in the blogging-sphere… best regards to you all. J.

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