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The late train

Thursday 8th December 2016, 8:15am (day 1,932)

When the 07:42 cattle truck to Manchester turns up half an hour late, like it did this morning, you can be damn sure there’ll be a few people wanting to get on it. 36 more words

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Water Colors

One more display of water and colors at Whitefield Railway Station. The Bangalore Jolarpettai Express gets an all clear to quickly accelerate and get the hell out of Whitefield


Frosty morning, Cambridgeshire (or possibly Hertfordshire)

Tuesday 29th November 2016, 7.55am (day 1,923)

Another beautiful day — as have been many over the last four months, it cannot be denied. A very sharp frost, which lasted all day, across the entire country (I saw enough of it today — I know this); but once more, cloudless blue skies. 45 more words

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A great bonus of being a Londoner in Brussels is the Eurostar, a quick two-hour painless journey home. Whatever station you are travelling from you need to be checked-in/checking-in thirty minutes …

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Western Ghats during monsoons is one of the most beautiful visuals one can ever get n India. Relentless rains all the Way from Sakleshpur. No signs of stopping. 37 more words


Calm Before The Storm

An unplanned and adhoc visit to Vanjipalayam to experience some adrenaline rushing action near Tiruppur on a wet and lazy Sunday morning. Do not be fooled by the visual. 16 more words


Fast & The Furious - III

Part I : https://pixeltrailz.com/2016/11/04/fast-the-furious-i/
Part II : https://pixeltrailz.com/2016/11/14/fast-the-furious-ii/

Part 4 : The Climax

It is undisputed blasphemy for me to sleep in a train with an emergency side lower berth at my disposal, but the brain and physical limitations of my body overpowered the unwilling heart and sleep was instantaneous. 1,619 more words