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An Innovation for Disabled Rail Travelers

Although this blog focuses on cancer-related topics, we also track good news for those dealing any health issues. So, today’s post relates to an emerging innovation that will aid disabled rail travelers. 143 more words

Living Well

Travel Journal: No More Roughing It; Arrival in Budapest (1992)

After the two had both detrained, I had a very sublime conversation with my remaining compartment-mate. He was a Hungarian physicist who was “hanging up” whatever job he had in Moscow and returning home with his cat. 660 more words

Feeling rough, on the move.

I’ll be blunt – it hasn’t been the easiest of weeks. After picking up some kind of virus late last week, I’ve spent this weekly mostly sweating, coughing, groaning, sneezing and generally feeling very sorry for myself. 460 more words


The joys of rail travel

Thanks to the disruption of airline services due to inimical weather and strikes by pilots, I am once again able to enjoy a train journey. Ever since I became “eligible” for “travel by air” in my organisation, the only time I got to travel by train was while going to my hometown on personal visits. 580 more words


Can I stop going to work yet?

Tuesday 31st July 2018, 9.55am (day 2,532)

My summer holiday has been a long time coming this year and there’s the rest of this week to get through yet. 119 more words

Daily Post

Globetrotting by rail

Stockholm, Sweden

Outside Baku, Azerbaijan

Berlin, Germany

Berlin, Germany

Watford, London

Watford, London

Vienna, Austria

London Overground

Devon, England

Hanoi, Vietnam

Hanoi, Vietnam

North London… 29 more words


On a train....

I’m once again on a European rail journey – something that is becoming at least an annual event. I still like to be able to avoid the time spent waiting at airports and be able to embrace the freedom of rail travel: you can bring your own food and drink, move about as much as you want and the seats are spacious enough that you don’t feel as if you are getting to know your neighbour far too intimately far too soon. 455 more words