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May 9, 2018 – Water Rail (Rallus aquaticus)

Sometimes split into two species called the Eastern and Western Water Rails, these rails are found in much of Europe, as well as in parts of Asia, northern Africa, and the Middle East. 69 more words


Coal over the water

After a refreshing night in Usti Nad Labem, in a hotel probably dating from the communist era, I checked out the immediate surroundings of the city’s main station. 86 more words


The Japanese Rail system or NASA's EmDrive? Which will take us farther?

If you’ve ever used a public rail system to travel, you probably have felt the consequences of the dehumanizing routine. Scan your ticket, take the stairs down, all the noise, it’s too dark, everything is filthy, people who need a shower in close quarters – all of those things and more can make a convenient trip into a hassle. 233 more words

Loss-making TGVs services to be contracted under concession?

The draft legislation for French rail reform has been debated by a commission of the Sénat.  Amongst the amendments that it has proposed is that loss-making TGV services (run to support the economies of regions concerned) should be operated with transparent funding via a concession mechanism, rather than the government’s preferred option of leaving SNCF to run these services with reduced track access costs. 78 more words


When are the Northern rail strikes and what services will be affected?

Another day, another rail strike for many of Britain’s weary commuters.

This time it’s Northern Rail who are striking, in a row over automated guards on the trains. 276 more words


South Africa push for women and children-only carriages

A coalition of civil society groups is pushing fire the agency in charge of rail transport in South Africa to reintroduce a chaperone service for children and separate carriages for female passengers, GroundUp news site reports. 72 more words

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Labem's right bank

The Elbe also has a Czech name: Labem. On this photo, the train is running along the Labem river. Yes, I have finally arrived in the Czech republic. 111 more words