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Death Valley to Mojave: A 20 Mule Journey

The region of the Mojave Desert that lies within Kern County is small in comparison to the vastness of the desert’s entirety. However, that does not limit the great amount of historical relevance that occured within these small perimeters. 472 more words


Overhead track, bunkers, and topworks of the Franklin No. 1

Originally published in the Voice of the Valley, June 3, 2008

By Bill Kombol

This is a view of the newly installed overhead track, bunkers, and topworks of the Franklin No. 219 more words


The New Defense for Criminal Activity: We Did It To Save the Planet!

Five people were arrested back in September 2014 for blocking railroad tracks at a Burlington Northern/ Santa Fe Railway Yard after tying themselves to a tripod of poles erected over the railroad tracks to protest train shipments of oil and coal and proposed export terminals in the Northwest. 330 more words


jccarlton reblogged this on The Arts Mechanical and commented:

Darwin Award candidates. This is NOT going to end well. They got away with it this time. But what happens if they chain themselves to the track and the railroad DOESN'T get warned it's not going to end well. Here's a video example why. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QZ9F-mIObiI I've posted before about rail safety. https://theartsmechanical.wordpress.com/2015/05/13/dont-play-on-the-track/ Not playing around on the track goes especially for members of the press who are covering these clowns A train can appear on any track at any time, in any direction. Train tracks are not a playground. https://theartsmechanical.wordpress.com/2015/03/13/train-tracks-are-not-a-trail-or-playground/ The fact is that these clowns are putting many people at risk, some who may be as far away as Idaho.  See, once on train is forced to stop on the mainline the other trains behind also have to stop, all the way back as far hundreds of miles.  And once things start to grind to a halt the various people have to start workarounds and deal with things like blocked grade crossings and potentially with careless people and workers.  It also means that crews will be kept on duty longer, get fatigued and make mistakes.  And once the traffic  snarl starts, it can take hours to get things going again and cooperative actions of people as far away as Chicago.  This protest is not a small deal.  While BNSF won't sue, they should hold the people responsible for this with the full costs of what they did.  Frankly a couple of million or so lawsuit might be instructive to these people and keep them off the tracks before they do it again and somebody gets hurt.

Remembering the Abilene & Southern

Many people know that Abilene was founded by the Texas & Pacific Railway in 1881, but not as many remember another railroad that served this area for much of the twentieth century – the Abilene & Southern. 726 more words


Riding the Rails, A Multimedia Review

I picked up this book for a buck at a second hand bookstore. It was stamped “discarded,” by the Brown County Library in Nashville, Ind. I don’t know what the folks in Brown County are thinking about because this is a really good book. 761 more words

End of The Line

Old rusty Embarcadero train tracks ending at the landmark pier 43 ferry arch in San Francisco Bay. 7 more words


Cornell University to Put Railroad Materials Online

Cornell University has gotten a grant to put a lot of railroad materials online. “Spanning the 19th and 20th centuries, the Kheel Center’s collections document the rise and fall of railroads, as well as the emergent and declining power of the unions that kept the railroads running and the American economy growing. 27 more words

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