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Push to Multiple Git Repos

If you’ve got a project with multiple git remotes, and you’d like to update both of them with a single operation, there’s an easy way to do it. 158 more words


Migrating to Snow Leopard for Rails Development - A Definitive Guide

I spent a good chunk of the last couple of days upgrading one of my Macs to Snow Leopard (OS X 10.6), and keeping notes as I went. 2,075 more words


Recurring Items in a Rails Application

I recently had to implement some recurring items in a Rails application – we’ll call them “entries” here though you can use this technique for appointments, bills, or whatever else. 600 more words

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Big Old Rails Template

A few people have asked me about the Rails application template that I’ve put together recently. For those who are interested, it’s now available for review and download… 495 more words


Finding Visitor Locations in Rails

I’ve got an application that I work on where the client wants to track which countries they’re seeing click-throughs from. They want this in real time and in the application’s UI, not in an external package such as Google Analytics. 247 more words


Building Rails with Cerberus and multiruby

I’ve been poking at various continuous integration software lately. Most recently I gave Cerberus a spin, and I must say, even though the project is a bit immature, I like its approach. 680 more words

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Seed Data in Rails 3

One of the perennial code smells in many Rails applications is the use of migrations as a way to carry seed data (data that needs to be added to the database on deployment). 145 more words