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Rails 4 Livesearch

I’m happily chugging along at my first Rails gig, learning at a breakneck pace. Today, I came across something that I — a junior engineer — found rather difficult to resolve, so I’m going to share my “fix”, and maybe someone out there can tell me how to improve upon it. 721 more words

Black & White

Black and white is powerful… and not just in the form of black words on white paper.

Not long ago on Steller  I saw a story about beaches… 399 more words

Waterblogged Photos

RailsGuides "Securing Rails Applications" notes

As I enter the world of web development, I’m very wary of the security pitfalls of the domain. It is a completely different set of security threats than what I used to worry about. 324 more words


Ruby on Rails: Parameters

I’ve been on the struggle bus lately. I was struggling with something I wasn’t aware I was struggling with until I had to use it. Then the struggle got real. 138 more words


How Params Works in Rails

Params in Ruby on Rails can sometimes be a confusing thing, but it doesn’t have to be! All you need to do is understand one simple thing: 846 more words