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Improving Autocomplete Cache Hit Rates by Looking up Parent Caches

When a user asks for all the words starting with “foobar” let’s check the cache for fooba,foob,foo,fo,f and see if any of these results already include a full set of words. 125 more words


To know where gem is installed

$ bundle show gem-name
$ bundle show bundler


National Express are using union action as an advertising campaign!

I just read an email from National Express, attacking the unions and using it as a way of selling tickets. Has there ever been a stronger indication of the diminution of the power of workers rights in this country? 189 more words


Ruby My Summer Love

After reading the book 0 to 1 by Peter Thiel and a few articles I was convinced that I had to jump onto developing web applications. 341 more words


App Academy - W5D2

The lecture for W5D2 of App Academy was on the abstraction layers of the Open Systems Interconnection (OSI) Model for communication over a network. These layers outline the way data is passed through the Internet, from the physical wiring and electronics to the applications running on individual devices. 118 more words