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What to do if your Rails application cannot connect to Mysql?

When I use my Mac to continue developing my Rails application using Mysql as the database system. It first initialized and developed in Ubuntu.

After bundling tasks, I move to rake db:create to initialize my databases for development and test environment. 165 more words


Day One: Learning Rails (Roadmap)

Hi folks, xyz here. A Java software developer trying his hands at rails and atm.. getting no where. But hey i’m here to learn!

For context: 324 more words


Fixing rbenv not update ruby system (rbenv version different from ruby -v)

Recently, I faced with the problem of not syncing ruby version with my Mac.

My project requires ruby version >= 2.2.2 but default version is 2.0.0. 129 more words

Tips And Tricks

How To Drop A Table In Rails

Step 1. 

Run  rails generate migration DropProductsTable 

This generates an empty migration file in /db/migrate/ such as 20161015125023_drop_products_table.rb

Step 2. Edit the  file to include the following: 36 more words


Rhythm of the Rails

There have been songs, poems and stories written about train travel and railroads since they became a viable mode of transporting freight and people across fast stretches of land throughout the world. 488 more words