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rails tutorial notes

  • 1.3 rails new
    • rails _4.2.0_ new hello_app
    • creates the file structure for the hello_app
  • 1.3.1 bundle install
    • note that bundle install is run automatically via…
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Extreme Validation

I’ve observed an interesting trend in some new companies over the past few years. Companies like IFTTT (consolidates small pieces of functionality exposed via tons of different apis), Buffer (aggregates the creation functions available on social media apis), Coverhound (aggregates searchable insurance platforms), Zapier etc.  715 more words

More Ghosts... Meer Spoken...

A strange feeling to take your first step on the glass walkway above the tracks… :-) I was probably not the only one kind of trying it out first with one foot, like you would at the seaside to see if the water is cold ;-) 48 more words


Changing Column to Add Precision and Scale

If you have to add precision and scale to a decimal field, here’s a sample migration:

class ChangeScale < ActiveRecord::Migration
def self.up
change_column :shirts, :price, :decimal, precision: 5, scale: 2… 14 more words


What I learned from Code School.

Having no idea what I was doing I decided to enroll in a Code School this summer to learn the basics of programming and web development. 786 more words