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Building Financial Stock Scanner with Ruby on Rails and R. Part 15. Putting [a graphical inter]face to a name.

Past 14 posts all dealt with the command line. Am I bored you with all that CLI interactions? Let’s bring some colour and shapes and the actual diagrams into the life of our application. 1,108 more words

Rails 4: Set Application-Wide Date/DateTime/Time Display Format

If you are like me, you want the all dates and times to display throughout your application using the same format. This can be accomplished through the following procedure. 192 more words


Configure log Rotate on Rails production...............

You may come across a situation when your application logs become very huge or you may want logs categorized on the basis of date.

Also your log files can grow fast, especially if you have a lot of traffic. 271 more words


CSS Specificity or !Important ?

Many times we write styles that override other styles in the document. To solve this kind of problems, people use two solutions.

1. Specificity
2. !Important…
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Transparant redirect for jquery ajax requests in rails with status code 278

There is no perfect backwards compatible solution out there afaik, but this is getting me pretty close to where I want it to be.

  • instead of redirecting set a empty 278 response (made up status code) for xhr requests…
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Considerations to Hire a Remote Ruby on Rails Developer

The increasing popularity of Ruby on Rails as one of the leading programming languages in the global development community has increased the importance of remote software development market. 6 more words

Agile Ruby on Rails Development

Agile always focuses on constant adaption in coordination with the customer. Speed, efficiency, and quality are essential factors in executing development in this technique.