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Learn to Code: Local Levo Dever + RailsBridge

This past weekend Local Levo Denver had the great pleasure of being hosted by RailsBridge for a Ruby on Rails coding workshop! 269 more words


Designing for Exponential Impact in Diversity

I’ve been meaning to post this blog for several months….I first started writing it in late 2013 as we worked behind the scenes to launch the  625 more words

Teaching, coaching and volunteer gigs

Fun fact, it was almost exactly one year between my first Railsbridge workshop as a student, and my first Railsbridge workshop as a volunteer TA! A year makes a HUGE difference! 388 more words

Dev Bootcamp

Get ready for RailsBridge Boston!

UPDATE: I just learned that the May workshop will focus on the Rails piece – they have separated the curriculum into two separate workshops, one focused on Ruby and one focused on Rails, to have more time to cover each. 329 more words

Learn New Stuff!

Using RailsBridge to get women coders into the room

“The Ruby community tends to be really welcoming in and of itself, and then Railsbridge takes that and puts an anti-sexist and pro-diversity spin on it.”

909 more words
Musings & Adventures

Launch Academy Wraps Up

I removed TurboLinks from my default rails template. Just to see what would happen. I call it launch_rails_new in homage to where I’ve developed my skills, Launch Academy, and the people there that have taught me. 428 more words

Programming Ruby at Rails Bridge

And so it starts.

I attended a RailsBridge day in Edinburgh, basically its workshops aimed at women to get them into tech. Yup, its that boring. 397 more words