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Train Story

The Isle of Wight Steam Railways latest attraction is the newly built Train Story museum, the £1.2 million project which was funded by the Hertiage Lottery and opened to the public in April 2014. 727 more words


Book review - "Compact Layout Design - Iain Rice"

One of my favourite reads is an Iain Rice layout design book.  Hidden amongst the slightly bumptious and wordy – but always entertaining – text, there are always inspiring photographs, clever construction techniques, prototype information and neat track plans.  308 more words


Japanese Maglev train breaks its own rail world speed record - an annotated infographic

Japan’s state-of-the-art magnetic levitation (Maglev) train has broken its own world speed record, hitting 603km/h in a test run near Mount Fuji, beating a mark of 590km/h it set on April 16. 48 more words


2038 - Railway, Departures, Delays

The train barely rocked, a mild bang, a slight tilt and then we gradually slowed down before coming to a stop. Confused we looked around, outside there was nothing but sun and snow covered farm fields, but word spread, a few passengers saw it, the wrecked pickup at the side of the crossing, almost flipped they said. 49 more words

Thames Regional Flood & Coastal Committee visit Oxford

The Thames Regional Flood & Coastal Committee (RFCC) met in Oxford yesterday. Following the meeting, members visited sites in Oxford related to OFAS. Members of our steering group were on hand to welcome them and, with staff from the Environment Agency, showed the visitors some of the problems which need to be surmounted to alleviate Oxford’s recurrent flooding. 117 more words