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Boycott Products made with Unsustainable Palm Oil

After posting my article on palm oil, I started becoming hyper-aware of the ingredients in products I regularly buy. Some of my favorite ice creams, baked goods, crackers, breads, and chips contain palm oil. 456 more words


Mawsynram-Come And Get Drenched in The Rainiest Place on Earth

Mawsynram-a village situated in East Khasi hills in Meghalaya (one of the North-eastern states of India.)

Meghalaya, itself means the Abode of Clouds.

Yes, Mawsynram is the apparently the wettest place on Earth. 145 more words


Someday in This World

Someday in this world –

vast rainforests.

The most sought after jobs

will be working with water

and dirt.

The most sought after careers

will be in service to tomorrow, 20 more words


National Arbor Day

Today we celebrate National Arbor Day, which is a day all about trees. For something a little different, I decided to doodlewash a little tree frog on a tree branch, to spotlight the importance of trees to the creatures with whom we share our planet.  383 more words


How Can Planting a Tree Save an Orangutan?

How can planting a tree save an orangutan?

That is the same question we asked our friends at Borneo Orangutan Survival (BOS) when we heard about their Tree Planting Project—and the answer will amaze you. 1,234 more words



Regrowing Rain Forests

Scientists have long promoted rain forest preservation as a way to mitigate climate change, but now it turns out that regrowing forests is just as important. 212 more words


Costa Rica Adventure, Day Five--Part Two: Santa Anita Rainforest Ranch

After visiting the Tony’s gallery, we headed north on mostly non-paved, narrow roads.  The clouds increased; the landscape became greener if that is possible.  We crossed to the Caribbean side near the Nicaraguan border. 606 more words