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Rain forest

The Tropical Rain forest
Masked with thousands of trees,
Tears flowing from its leaves, 75 more words

Rain Forest

 Rain Forest: the most cooling words in the world. Can’t you just feel the rain, dripping through the cool, deep shade of trees draped in moss? 611 more words


I Speak for the Trees

I Speak for the Trees

My favorite tree ever was a giant oak, over 100 feet tall with a girth so large, three adults had trouble getting their arms around it. 140 more words


Earth Day 2015 Update & Correction on Palm Oil

Yesterday, on the Huffington Post website, a scientist named Elliot Negrin, a Senior Writer for the Union of Concerned Scientist posted an article entitled, “McDonald’s pledges to eliminate Deforestation from its entire supply chain.” 80 more words

Blogging 101

It's Earth Day — and climate change or not, the planet is still getting greener

Today is Earth Day, and everyone is going green — even Mother Nature!

Research published in Nature says the earth has gotten greener in the past two decades. 121 more words

Science And Nature

Palm Oil purveyors have us in the palm of their hands. And they are taking our breath away. Literally.

Its Earth Day 2015 (in a couple of days) and many countries around the world are following the lead of Indonesia/Malaysia:  cutting and burning their old growth and rain forests to feed the “beast of profits” gained from the production of Palm Oil.  471 more words

Blogging 101

O is for Old Growth

Old growth is an advanced state of forest. Really the bulk of it is dead. In any tree only the outer inch or so of the tree is ferrying the nutrients around, the remaining inner portion is….still and old, contributing strength but not much vitality. 233 more words