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Yesterday's Lectures

Here’s a small part of what we heard yesterday.

To illustrate the complexity of the ecosystem of a rainforest, the Brazil nuts themselves are in a large shell that weighs several pounds and is almost impenetrable. 363 more words

Ship Lectures

Thinking on a Thursday

As I sit on my lunch break I can’t help but to think about everything that is going on in the world.  We had an assassination of a Russian Ambassador (which became a meme already…) we have the issue in Aleppo, and Trump doing all this weird stuff on twitter.   726 more words

Chuyến đi rừng bão bùng

Hôm nay ngồi làm việc ở văn phòng nhìn lên khoảng trời xanh ngoài cửa, thấy thèm một chuyến đi chơi xa quá. Lâu lắm rồi chưa có dịp để đi chơi xa đúng nghĩa kế từ phi vụ đi miền Tây cuối năm ngoái. 4,426 more words

Palm Oil: Help Save Orangutans and Other Animals From Extinction

Help save Orangutans and other animals from extinction as a result of the irresponsible cultivation of palm oil.

I am sure you are aware of the environmental damage as a result of the cultivation of palm oil, in particular the loss of habitat for many animals including Orangutans who in countries such as Sumatra are under threat of extinction as their forest home is being felled and turned into oil palm plantations on a massive scale. 1,699 more words

Animal Rights

Earth Notes #2 by Rani Iyer: The Chorus

Preparing for monsoon is an intense period in the forest. On the one hand the forest is parched for moisture, on the other, the intense rain will test the recovery of everyone. 557 more words

Earth Healing

Killing The Wilderness Will Kill Us All

No! This is not some made up story, but in years to come it will come true. The areas of wilderness on Earth, i.e. areas of land like the Amazon in South America and Central Africa among others, are the lifeblood of our planet and yet we are destroying them at an ever-increasing rate. 803 more words