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Light at the End of the Tunnel


Now that the end of our build is drawing near I am starting to think a bit more about the decor and finishing touches.

We’ve decided not to buy any new furniture until we move in and get a feel for the place. 641 more words

Neighborhood Gateway Rain Garden Plans

When traveling down Stanton or McCandless Avenue towards Lawrenceville, the viewscape is tremendous – from the natural beauty of the Allegheny Cemetery, to the Allegheny River Valley, or even the stately cityscape of Downtown Pittsburgh. 507 more words

Community News

Rain Garden Video

Learn the steps involved in installing a residential rain garden:

Additional information on rain gardens and the Soak Up the Rain program can be found on the program’s website at www.soaknh.org.

Master Gardeners

Beautiful, hard-working Rain Gardens

The following is a blog post from The Holistic Garden blog by Barb Allen:

Last fall we built a rain garden that collects rainwater that runs from the roof and driveway. 1,175 more words

Save Water

UW Study finds stormwater runoff killing salmon and other fish - UW

It seems to me that there has never been a clearer outcome of a study that allows us take simple action to save our salmon runs. 131 more words

Puget Sound

Innovation Provides a Remarkable Solution for Wild Salmon

Everyone loves salmon. Grill them and they make a delicious, healthy dinner. Catch them and share an incredible photo with your friends. Or just go see them migrate upstream in the fall and be amazed. 731 more words


A Year in the Life of the Rain Gardens

A Year in the Life of the Rain Gardens

It has been over a year since the rain gardens were built at The Baltimore Community ToolBank and, wow have they grown! 194 more words

ToolBank Green