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Rain Gardens - construction and planting

Are you considering building a rain garden? If so, take a look at projects created by members of the Andover Pollinator Awareness Project. These rain gardens are located in Andover, MN. 52 more words


Sidewalk gardens on a mission

A rainy day is a good day to capture sidewalk rain gardens at work. These gardens not only beautify the streetscape, they soak up the rain water on site, thus reducing the amount of stormwater runoff that ends up in our streams and rivers.


Blueprint Columbus vs Climate Change

Living near the Olentangy, one of Ohio’s 14 scenic rivers, has always been a pleasure. The river connects multiple parks within the Clintonville community and its buffer of trees provides habitat for a surprising amount of wildlife inside the outerbelt. 927 more words


water water fun with water

I love this garden.  Last I checked, the building was still for sale.

(I think I have upgraded my phone six times since this video…. ┬áPlease forgive the limitations of 2012 smartphones!)


Some inspiration from across the Pond

So we like to think we have some great green roofs and walls here in Brighton. Well, we do – but there are lessons we can learn from others including the good citizens of Olympia WA, San Francisco CA and Portland OR. 390 more words

Green Roof

5 wild plants for an edible rain garden

Sure, keeping rainwater on our properties is way better than having it wash away into storm sewers and eventually into our Great Lakes (picking up pollutants as it goes). 1,037 more words

Native Plants