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A Tale of Two Cities: a case study in contradictory approaches to urban greening

Recently, via the wonders of social media, I have become aware of what appears to be an example of two initiatives taking place within the same city which seem entirely at odds with each other when it comes to environmental sustainability.  1,149 more words

Urban Gardening

FREE Rain Gardens Workshop

Brought to you by East Multnomah Soil & Water Conservation District, these FREE workshops show participants how to create low-maintenance, low cost landscapes that conserve water, prevent pollution, and create healthy habitat for local birds & wildlife. 64 more words

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Clean Water Week in Rutland

To commemorate Vermont Clean Water Week, Rutland City showcased its new Green Stormwater Infrastructure Bicycle Tour Map. On August 23rd, a bicycle and pedestrian tour was held to visit four of the 22 mapped Green Stormwater Infrastructure (GSI) sites in the city. 184 more words


My Mini Rain Garden

The new addition built onto my house three years ago added a feature that my house had never had before – gutters and downspouts. At one corner of the house, near the entrance, I installed a 50-gallon rain barrel under the downspout and attached a small length  of hose which allows me to channel rain water into nearby plantings. 744 more words

Hardy Geranium

Flower Power

Location: 4111 35th St.

This yard of flowers is actually doing its job as a rain garden, sponsored by the The Longfellow Community Council.

Photo: Rick Fuentes

Second Sunday at the Governor's Residence

Yesterday was Second Sunday at the Residence. They open up the mansion to the public and have different stands and activities for people. This month’s theme was “Creature of the Garden”. 121 more words

Summer Internship

Rain Gardens at the Residence: The Installation

Wednesday, August 9th

Today we excavated the first rain garden! The soil was amended with this cool thing called BIOCHAR. Basically is charcoal. Wood is burned without the presence of oxygen (a process called pyrolysis) which burns off almost everything in the wood except the carbon. 370 more words

Summer Internship