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How to Install a Rain Garden

Are you concerned that this winter’s heavy snowfall will produce spring flooding? A rain garden could mitigate the damage to your home. My profs are using this excellent series of short videos from Milwaukee’s water authority to explain inexpensive green infrastructure to homeowners. 51 more words


Green is the new “Gray”

Hinesburg replaces old stormwater system with a Bioretention System to Improve Water Quality in the LaPlatte River

At the beginning of October 2014, the Lewis Creek Association and the Town of Hinesburg constructed a new stormwater treatment system at the intersection of Vermont Route 116 and Silver Street.  268 more words


Think Spring ! Designing a Garden

Fourth Grade students were using a detailed blue print of the cafeteria courtyard to work on designing the rain garden this week in science.  After studying the soil and space this past fall, students determined what spots plants were most needed to capture the excess water coming down the hill.   15 more words

4th Grade

Conservation Practices: Caring for our Water and Soil

Protecting soil and water is a topic that is on a lot of minds these days. As regular consumers of water (I try to get my 8 glasses a day) we want our water to be clean. 1,156 more words

Planning a Spring Garden

This year fourth grade students have been studying the space outside the the cafeteria courtyard.  Students have been working at ways to redesign this space.  Some of the ideas include making a wildlife habitat and rain garden to make the space more sustainable.   266 more words

4th Grade

The Rain Garden Design Challenge

Fourth Grade students worked hard today exploring ways to better use the lower school courtyard.  Students brainstromed examples of brightspots (roses), thorns (painspots), and rosebuds (potential) for the space.   73 more words

4th Grade