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Is having a rain garden a liability? Part 3 of the Vermont Green Infrastructure Initiative’s guide to stormwater misconceptions.

Is having a rain garden is a liability?  Part 3 of the Vermont Green Infrastructure Initiative’s guide to stormwater misconceptions.

This is the third post in a series about stormwater misconceptions identified by… 856 more words


Garden log, 7.25.15

Today’s temperature was only in the high 80s, so I felt brave enough to venture outside and tend long-deferred tasks. Weeded grassy area off the deck; I’m impressed with the resilience of… 220 more words

Garden Plants

They've made it in Stroud

It’s comforting when things you love are stable, and in Stroud it was mostly the things that hadn’t changed which caused a contented smile on my lips. 295 more words

Ethical Business

Alpha and Omega

An extremely odd couple of YouTube performers, a close call on what was both my first and last assignment, and a happy, yet sad, goodbye lunch, were among the twists and turns that took me through my final week at the Cumberland River Compact. 782 more words



Helen Keller once described teamwork by saying, “Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much”. Every day when I go to work for The Cumberland River Compact, I recognize the significance of her words. 588 more words


The Fourth

People can learn a lot about themselves when given opportunities like summer internships.  I remember when I first met with my new bosses at The Cumberland River Compact, and we joked that I might change my plans from a career in criminal justice to, someday, become an environmental lawyer.  570 more words


What Plant Is This?

In front of our house is a large bed of perennial plants and flowers, mostly lilies with a couple of hostas, some violets, and chives mixed in. 345 more words