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Rain Gardens' Impact on Landscaping

As the population expands, more and more impermeable surfaces pop up around the world. Water treatment plants in many major cities have a hard time keeping up with all of this excess runoff. 757 more words


Land Works Observation

Most people recommend waiting and watching your property for the first year you own it, prior to building any land works or planting anything. To an extent, we’ve observed the sunlight and water patterns for almost 3 seasons. 280 more words


WaterSmart Landscape Examples


A WaterSmart landscapes focuses on three main principles: conserving water, improving water quality and providing habitat for wildlife. This is achieved by using native and adapted plants, using little to no fertilizers and pesticides, utilizing less water and requiring less maintenance. 129 more words

Native Plants

OSU Rain Garden Demonstrations

Are you planning on landscaping your lawn this spring and looking for a way to incorporate drought tolerant plants and help improve water quality?  Rain gardens and bioretention cells are a great way to add visual interest to your lawn, which can increase your property value; in addition, they can also help improve water quality by filtering out pollutants and even help alleviate downstream flooding by reducing the amount of runoff from your property.   42 more words


Pollinator Playground: Carolina Redroot

Dateline: August 23, 2013*

The redroot is in full blooming swing and the arthropods are showing their appreciation with their mass flocking to this pollinator magnet. 404 more words


Spring Plants, Grants, Contests, and Events

Spring has sprung! Buds are breaking and temperatures are rising. Warm weather brings so many opportunities–and work–in the garden. The spring season welcomes a proliferation of plants, grants, contests, and events for school garden educators. 341 more words

One year on

Well it has been a while since I last posted but here is an update on what has been happening.

In February this year we had our last outstanding PCI and maintenance issue completed. 589 more words