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Rainy Day Reflections

Sometimes I forget how nature can swoop in and save the day. A good rain recharges not only my cisterns, but also my sense of abundance. 436 more words

Yuk, Belajar Jadi Sahabat Bumi dari Bunda Dini! (Part 1)

Diskusi Selasa, 8 September 2015

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DK. Wardhani atau biasa dipanggil Dini, adalah ibu dari sepasang anak kembar usia 7 tahun yang sudah mulai menjalani… 2,972 more words


Rain Harvesting - Part 3

Harvesting Systems into Gardens

While through most of the year, outdoor water use accounts for just 7% of the total water we use, in the summer this rises dramatically to over 50% at peak times, according to Waterwise. 257 more words

Rain Harvesting - Part 2

Systems That Plumb Into Homes

If you’re looking for an RHS that will allow you to use the water to flush the toilet, wash clothes in the washing machine and even clean the house, as well as water the garden, and you’re prepared to excavate your garden, one of your best options is a Graf system, says Phil Barnard, from rainwater harvesting systems supplier Chandlers Building Supplies. 337 more words

Rain Harvesting - Part 1

Rainwater harvesting systems (RHS) – as you might expect from the name – harvest the rainwater that has fallen freely from the sky, typically onto the roof of your home. 228 more words

Harvesting Rainwater for Your Garden

The drought is easing here as April showers finally arrived and turned into a few May thunderstorms. Our rain barrels are overflowing, and it makes me happy, but crazy. 712 more words


Rainwater Harvesting Project (Part 1, Summer 2014)

When we bought our house we knew that heavy rains sometimes infiltrated the basement so we decided to install a cistern. We reasoned that capturing most of the water that falls onto the roof and preventing it from going down the gutter into the soil beside the house it would help to keep the basement dry. 1,204 more words