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Harvesting Rainwater for Your Garden

The drought is easing here as April showers finally arrived and turned into a few May thunderstorms. Our rain barrels are overflowing, and it makes me happy, but crazy. 712 more words


Rainwater Harvesting Project (Part 1, Summer 2014)

When we bought our house we knew that heavy rains sometimes infiltrated the basement so we decided to install a cistern. We reasoned that capturing most of the water that falls onto the roof and preventing it from going down the gutter into the soil beside the house it would help to keep the basement dry. 1,204 more words

Storm Zina: Its Implications

Hello all. It’s me, your friendly Green Patriot. As I’m sure you all know, we have been enjoying a considerable amount of rain and snow coming from Storm Zina. 305 more words

A review of Year 01 from our 5 Yr. Plan

Here is a review of the goals we set for ourselves for Year 01 of our 5 Yr. Plan:

Year 01 – 2014

  1. Build the chicken coop (a 6 wk.
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Backyard Chickens

It’s been a good year since I’ve moved into the house in WV.  Even though I’ve had a flood in the basement twice, one dog having a personal dance with a skunk, and other tiny mishaps, I’ve made progress.  

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Blog updates

I posted two articles on my blogs:

  1. Pentingnya menampung air hujan (Rain harvesting): blog.fitb.itb.ac.id/derwinirawan
  2. Minimal LaTeX packages: onlinewaterbook.wordpress.com

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