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The Beautiful Angles of the Grassland, or Baby, We Love You for More than Your Curves

Those of us who talk about grasslands, talk about their rounded curves a lot.

Hey, Glaciers, thanks for that.

This is a land held in tension against wind and light, using opposition to it to create tension, which is then harvested in spring growth … 92 more words

Nature Photography

These Drops Will Not Fall

Here in the depressurized zone east of the Coast Mountains, they will soon be absorbed back into the air.

They have only alighted for a moment on these cottonwoods, like birds.

Nature Photography

Earth, Sky and Water East of the Subduction Zone

Look at Okanagan Lake project itself into the sky, as a cloudless space. Storm is trying to move in from the west (and from the northeast), with no luck. 178 more words

Nature Photography

Lift. Fall. Move.

Click below to see a very cool infographic that was put together by Zoey Rosen. Find out more in our post on Why care about rain shadows? 

Rain Shadow

Why Care About Rain Shadows?

You’ve stumbled across this blog all about what makes rain shadows and how they are linked to atmospheric rivers. Here, we explain what a rain shadow is, and at the end of the post, you might even be able to answer the question “why care?”  Any geographical region will have prevailing wind patterns, which are the direction(s) the wind blows most often. 537 more words

Rain Shadow

Satellite Image of the Week #6

This week’s satellite image is from this morning over the Gulf Coast.  There’s nothing particularly special about it, though you can clearly see the influence of the sea breeze along the coast.   51 more words


Say what? Advancing and communicating rain shadow science

If you live on the west coast,  winter of 2017 may have ushered a new phrase into your vocabulary: atmospheric river. We are scientists who eat, sleep, and play in the mountains, and our work at the Desert Research Institute is advancing the field of rain shadow science as fast as you can say ‘barrier jet’. 11 more words