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Climatology 101: A July for the ages

On July 10th, Tucson was over 2″ below normal for yearly rainfall. 21 days later, weather history was made.

July 2017 featured the following at Tucson International Airport: 83 more words


Monsoon 2017 makes dent in Arizona drought

The active start to Monsoon 2017 is bringing drought relief to portions of the state.

In the latest US Drought Monitor, Arizona’s moderate drought status dropped roughly 15% in the last week. 103 more words


Tucson wetter than Seattle?

How stunning has the start of Monsoon 2017 been?

Consider this: Seattle has gone 38 straight days without measurable rainfall. Tucson International Airport has seen measurable rainfall 13 out of the last 15 days, including Monday’s 0.49″ rain. 100 more words


Monsoon Progress Report: July 24th, 2017

After a slow start, Monsoon 2017 has made up for lost time. And then some.

As of July 24th, Tucson International Airport has registered 4.05″ rain since the start of Monsoon. 119 more words


Climatology 101: Winter 2016-17 review

Winter weather record keeping is over. How did Tucson fare?

According to the National Weather Service, Tucson’s average Winter temperature checked in at 56.3°. This is good for the 4th warmest Winter on record. 162 more words


Climatology 101: Stormy start to 2017

January 2017 goes down as the 33rd warmest on record, netting an average temperature of 52.9° at Tucson International Airport. Of note, 5 morning freezes were registered at TIA. 419 more words


Tucson's top 4 weather stories of 2016

What was the biggest weather story of 2016 in the Old Pueblo? Here’s how you voted on my Twitter poll over the weekend.

#4: The Winterhaven Microburst on June 26th… 195 more words