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River run,
Water flows,
Carrying you away
From me.

Silvered seas,
Raindrops on windowpanes –
Flowing away
From me.
© 2020 | Frank Regan, All rights reserved. 13 more words


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A poem of the currents that are always carrying us away from where we all want to be ...

Haiku 32.20

the sun didn’t show
the rain did by the bucket
on our metal roof


Evening Sonata

Night doesn’t fall. Night rises.

Not merely descending into repose, but a full melodic phrase. How could it? If the stars themselves are a staccato of notes—the constellations, a legato. 623 more words



It was the rain I missed most. Growing up in Ireland you certainly got used to the soft days, the showers, the heavy downpours and torrential rain. 792 more words

Story - Fiction

Day 662

Happy Thanksgiving!

I don’t usually plan my distance ahead of time. I like to run based on how I feel. However, last night, I decided I wanted to at least run my 7 mile loop today. 770 more words


Happy Thanksgiving

From Our Family To Yours :

Rev, Rain and the kids….



Pendant from my balcony, the evergreen scrambler (Asparagus Plumosus) is a curtain of snowdrift, alive with the hum of bees flying from flower to snowy flower. 938 more words