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Saturday’s cooking channel (No. One)

I did not actually cook anything today so I cannot share from what I made today but I will share about my experience from a whole back. 416 more words

Saturday’s Cooking Channel

Rainbow Cakes

In the wake of the stupendous news from the other side of the pond (or from your own side of the pond, or the top of the pond, or round the back of the pond… it all depends where you’re standing), and with Pride celebrations happening across the world this weekend, I’m seeing wall-to-wall rainbows all over my social media. 173 more words


Another Year, another Celebration & another Cake!

But the most important thing is… Still the same Looking, same Feeling & the same LOVE!

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Jeremy's birthday extravaganza ~ part two

I promised Jeremy two things this birthday; a ride on one of the quad bikes at Centre Island and a rainbow Doctor Who cake. The first got fulfilled on zir birthday… then I had to complete the second. 716 more words


6-Layer Rainbow Birthday Cake

Of all my birthdays the one’s that stand out the most are those from my youth. Back then a birthday was synonymous with presents, party games and cake, and it was the cake that always left me with a lasting memory. 661 more words


Catching Up

This is the point at which I sheepishly explain my failure to write a blog post for over a year…. but the explanation is far less interesting than photographs of some of the baking I’ve done in that time, so let’s settle for the latter, shall we? 60 more words

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