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A New Thing A Day: Day 52 - Using Americolor Food Colouring (Double Rainbow Cake Attempt 2)

So having been super irritated at the epic failure that was my first attempt at making a double rainbow cake, I wasted no time in attempting it again but this time using something new – Americolor food colourings.  215 more words

A New Thing A Day: Days 50 - 51 - Making a Double Rainbow Cake!

Gemma Stafford’s YouTube channel, Bigger Bolder Baking recently celebrated its first birthday and to commemorate the occasion Gemma created a Double Rainbow Cake recipe.  It looked so fantastic that I really wanted to try making one myself even though I am not a huge fan of either cakes or buttercream frosting! 254 more words

Ramadhan in School n Rainbow Cake

Apa ya yang tertangkap oleh “Teropong Remas” edisi kali ini? Ah, ini dia… banyak kegiatan remas Nurul Muttaqin, Jember yang so interesting untuk di simak…  Berikut beberapa diantaranya. 310 more words

Teropong Remas

Rainbow Cake

Have you ever heard the term “Rainbow Cake”?

Have you ever eaten cakes with many layers and with different colors, just like the colors of rainbow? 393 more words


Rainbow Birthday Cake | Hummingbird Bakery

Last week I had the challenge of baking a rainbow cake. Not a task that I had set myself, but my daughter Verity, who was just a tiny bit excited about her forthcoming birthday! 322 more words

Home Cooking

Rainbow Cake

Do you have a favorite recipe, one you come back to time and time again? This is my come-back-to recipe.  Not only is it delicious, but it has that “wow” factor, which is definitely a bonus.   1,107 more words


Rainbow Cake

It was the baby’s first birthday a few weeks ago, and I had seen rainbow cakes last year and I really wanted to make one. I had planned to make it for my other half’s birthday but when I looked up recipes I realised I needed to use gel colours or it could look wishy washy. 355 more words