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The Happy Pear by Stephen and David Flynn #book #review #vegan cookbook

We have to admit to having a favourite cookbook. Here’s The Happy Pear by Stephen and David Flynn. Full of wonderful vegan recipes to please everyone. 44 more words

Rainbow Food

Here's what to expect when you dine with Rainbow Gatherings!

Here at Rainbow Gatherings, we love meeting new people! Our gatherings take place every two weeks and incorporate wholesome food prepared by us. Why not come along for a day away from the stress that modern day living brings with it and connect with the natural energy that we ‘all’ too often take for granted. 28 more words


More Lights for 'Babu' the Rainbow Tent!

You can never have too much magic at ‘Babu.’ Here’s just some of our lovely outdoor solar lighting. We’re getting very excited!

Plus, is it wrong to enjoy Unicorn bedding when you’re grown up? 21 more words


Rainbow Food

At Rainbow GatheringsĀ Wellbeing Centre UK love to bake healthy and wholesome food. We are to a certain degree, what we eat and a balance between mind, body and soul is the perfect way to balance healthy living. 50 more words

Rainbow Food

Rainbow Fruit Tart

Lately I’ve been posting so many salads, which is good, but my sweet tooth came creeping in… so I decided to make a free form fruit tart. 315 more words


Roasted Veggie and Rice Salad

My first recipe on this blog! Here goes nothing….

I figured it should be one of my own creations, so here it is! Roasted veggie and rice salad. 765 more words


Go Shawty, It's Your Birthday Cake Rainbow Vanilla Latte - Home (HomeSF) in San Francisco, California

We’ll admit it. It’s ourĀ birthday week, so we went big on breakfast. Real big. Birthday cake rainbow vanilla latte big. Milk and cereal toast topped with Lucky Charms cereal and condensed milk big. 542 more words