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Rainbow Fruit Tart

Lately I’ve been posting so many salads, which is good, but my sweet tooth came creeping in… so I decided to make a free form fruit tart. 315 more words


Roasted Veggie and Rice Salad

My first recipe on this blog! Here goes nothing….

I figured it should be one of my own creations, so here it is! Roasted veggie and rice salad. 765 more words


Go Shawty, It's Your Birthday Cake Rainbow Vanilla Latte - Home (HomeSF) in San Francisco, California

We’ll admit it. It’s our birthday week, so we went big on breakfast. Real big. Birthday cake rainbow vanilla latte big. Milk and cereal toast topped with Lucky Charms cereal and condensed milk big. 542 more words


You're Bakin' Me Crazy - Cuppin's in Lausanne, Switzerland

At Cuppin’s in Lausanne, Switzerland you’re bound to find all kinds of sweetness. There are rainbow layer cakes and Cuppin’s gâteau piñata is a sight to behold oozing it’s five different flavors of Smarties after you cut into it. 601 more words


Champagne Confetti Slaw

Happy Earth Day! 🌏

I don’t discuss it enough here on Eat Real Live Well, but supporting our environment is an extremely important part of my everyday life. 734 more words

Nutrition Tips

Ice Cream Dreams - Rocambolesc Gelateria in Madrid, Spain

There are plenty of places in the world to get ice cream, gelato or sorbet, but few places on the planet serve scoops so beautiful that they melt your heart.  880 more words


Mermaids and Unicorns

First there were rainbows; multicolored foods such as bagels that took a perfectly good item and made it gimmicy and in my opinion, unappealing. But, what do I know? 152 more words