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The Rainbow Bridge - Ways to Remember Your Pet

Here are a few unique ways to remember your pet that will help you honor their loyal companionship while keeping their memory strong.

RAINBOW SIX SIEGE Released on DEC 1 2015

So far, I’ve spent eight hours or so blowing up walls, extracting hostages, and laying traps in  Rainbow Six Siege. The catch: most of this was from an early review event, and while it gave me some quality time with the game, all the characters were unlocked, I had an apt supply of renown and Rainbow Credits (used to purchase weapon skins), and the entirety of the games were played in the same room with people I could easily communicate with. 975 more words


Chalk residue landed on the loose strands of her hair. Pastels swirled through her veins, pouring from her fingers like a rainbow. She would colour the world in her art, so that she too could be coloured in.

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Reaching for the tiny door, as the rainbow flows around me . . .

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Purple Christmas Card With Multicolored Tree

This is a purple Christmas Card with a rainbow colored Christmas tree and a star on top. Fully customizable – download the source file below and add the name of the person you’re sending it to. 8 more words


Sunshine Coast Summers

Hello summer! Even though we have had some fab hot days for a few weeks now, it is officially the first day of summer, my favourite time of the year! 25 more words