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Fun-Filled Rainforest Adventures Opens at the Center for Puppetry Arts

Don’t have the money for an educational small group immersive trip to the Amazon Rainforest? Spend a morning or afternoon exploring the life of the habitat as you watch the new educational and fun-filled show from at the Center for Puppetry Arts, … 204 more words


Center for Puppetry Arts Partners with Atlanta Attractions for Rainforest Adventures

More than 30 exotic plants and animals take center stage when the Center for Puppetry Arts’ latest production, Rainforest Adventures, opens January 29th, 2015. 199 more words


Absence/Presence & Fond Hearts - July 17-20

Do you remember that feeling when, as a kid sitting in the backseat of the car, you sank under the surface of fun-induced exhaustion as your parents drove home? 641 more words

Mrs. Bill Hine loves St Lucia

On my first assignment as editor of a local tourist guide, I was lucky enough to meet an incredible lady called Bill, who had just arrived on her 44th vacation on the island. 614 more words

Living The Life

Days 9-11: In Which We Drive The Dharma Bus To Sipi Falls And Back, And Make An Awkward K-Turn In The Red Light District Of Kampala

Since we spend every waking hour during the week in the hospital or recovering from being in the hospital, we are determined to take advantage of all of our weekends and get to see as much of the jungle (is that where we are?) as possible. 1,190 more words

Day 4: In Which Alli Almost Gets Pick-Pocketed, But Her Reflexes Are Too Quick

There is nothing weirder than being awoken after a day of hard-core rafting by the sound of monkeys in your backyard, but that is how today began. 284 more words

Day 3: In Which We Raft Down The Nile. Yep, The Freaking NILE

The first lesson that we learned today was that the words “wet” and “dry” have very little meaning for Ugandans. The “dry” season, extra emphasis on the quotation marks, is supposed to last from June to September, but when our alarm went off at 6:30 AM, there was a torrential downpour of rain. 1,209 more words