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Foldscope in the Amazon Rainforest Thanks to the Prakash Lab at...

Foldscope in the Amazon Rainforest

Thanks to the Prakash Lab at Stanford University for letting us test out the Foldscope in the Peruvian Amazon.

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Amazing Amazon some more - Peru post #2

Our second day in the big bad jungle began bright and early with a climb. No not the trees. There is a 100ft tall canopy tower that you climb and climb and climb. 317 more words


Amazing Amazon - Peru post #1

As promised (warned?) today it’s a different topic. We are going to travel south of the equator to the amazing wonderland of Peru. We were lucky enough to see parts of the country a couple of months ago and I can honestly say Peru dazzled me with its vast variety in landscape, culture, deep history, delicious food and the friendliest people. 405 more words


Is the 2014 Football World Cup Knocking on Your Door?

“What’s the most you ever lost on a coin toss”

Anton Chigurh. No Country for Old Men

So the 2014 Football World Cup is knocking on our door… 814 more words


Rainforest Conservation: a Moneymaking Enterprise?

After three days of hiking under a gently swaying jungle canopy, calling out to caiman in swampy waters, and tracking herds of snorting peccaries in the Tambopata region of Madre de Dios, we met the man whose vision made these experiences possible. 1,034 more words

The Amazon

This year for the Chilean holiday of Dieciocho we decided to head to Peru.  Kids get a week off from school and it is still the dry season in the Rainforest.   2,457 more words

Extraordinary Cocoon in Rainforest

This type of cocoon is known as a “open-network cocoon” and is unlike other cocoons in that it doesn’t completely enclose the pupa in silk. Instead, it only partially surrounds it, likely enabling better airflow to control for humidity and may help prevent fungi from growing on, and eventually killing, the pupa. 77 more words