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The Jungle: When you think you have reached its depths; you have barely scratched the surface. The Amazon Jungle is a truly remarkable ecosystem. There are 8 countries that make up this jungle, and we decided to make our visit from Ecuador. 1,219 more words


Day 51: Use a handkerchief!

Remember those days when men used to walk around with a handkerchief in their pocket, with (perhaps) the sole purpose of lending it to women? If you go back even further, everyone had handkerchiefs – moms, dads, kids, dogs, even royalty. 440 more words

Saving The World In 365 Days Challenge



Considered one of the best natural places in a such a diverse country Spain, its identity mark is the laurisilva rainforest, almost exclusive in Europe of the Azores, Madeira and Canary Islands. 821 more words


Why Are Rainforests Important?

Now that we have a better idea about what rainforests are, I want to share some of the reasons they’re so important. You probably know a few of these reasons, but I was surprised to learn some of the ways rainforests impact us everyday. 696 more words


Day 50: This week (02/19/17) in Earth News

Humans gave the Earth a tough time this week. It would seem that we’re going backwards: what is good is getting thrown away, and what was bad is getting worse. 539 more words

Saving The World In 365 Days Challenge

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 some of you are perhaps getting tired of photos of trees. but oh, i cannot get enough of these woods. this river. what is it i wonder? 591 more words