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Ecosystem roles in tropical rainforests

Primary producers in all of these ecosystems vary. In rainforests, the primary producers include trees, shrubs, and epiphytes. An epiphyte is a plant that grows on another plant but it not directly parasitic. 351 more words


Rainforest Connection Launches Largest Student-Driven Program To Protect The World's Rainforests

From yesterday until Earth Day 2018, hundreds of students from Los Angeles STEM science programs are participating in NGO Rainforest Connection’s “Planet Guardians” program, one of the largest student-driven programs ever for protecting the world’s rainforests. 68 more words


Species devastated by human depletion of rainforests found to make a comeback as forests regrow

By Edsel Cook | Natural News

The massive depletion of tropical rainforests have driven many species of tropical flora and fauna into extinction. But a recent study of bat populations in the Brazilian Amazon suggested that displaced survivors from primary forests could potentially recover if there are secondary forests that can take them in, … 566 more words


Kilimanjaro Day 7 Horombo Camp to the Marangu Gate

And so we reach the end of our adventure. It’s been an amazing week and I don’t want it to end.

After breakfast the whole of our team gathers for the tipping ceremony. 335 more words

Kili Challenge

Seven Tricks to Run Happy

Working running into your lifestyle as a routine instead of a short-lived resolution can be a struggle. The solution is to find ways to start associate running with happiness instead of punishment. 498 more words

Costa Rican rainforest to 'grow' in Buena Park next year

OK. I mean “grow” as in… somebody is building a simulated Costa Rican rainforest in Buena Park, CA, in 2019. The rainforest will be surrounded by thousands of butterflies fluttering in a building that will be called the Butterfly Palladium and that will situated within Buena Park’s entertainment corridor (the area where Knott’s Berry Farm, Medieval Times, and the Pirates Dinner Theatre are located). 131 more words

Costa Rica

Lent Challenge - "Fear"

This has been a tricky one today because it has meant delving deep to pinpoint my biggest fears and I have uncovered some uncomfortable and painful things about myself that I don’t want to post about here today on my blog. 189 more words