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G’day, nature lovers.

If you are a nature nerd like me, you’ll love the activities on the 19th annual Big Scrub Rainforest Day, 14-15 October 2017. 1,449 more words

Byron Bay

‘Keep It Local’ Approach To Protecting The Rainforest Can Be More Effective Than Government Schemes

Conservation initiatives led by local and indigenous groups can be just as effective as schemes led by government, according to new research. In some cases in the Amazon rainforest, grassroots initiatives can be even more effective at protecting this vital ecosystem. 497 more words

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Amazon under threat

Local campaigning along with increasing global awareness and pressure has increased the level of protection given to huge swathes of the Amazon Rainforest. This recent example in Bolivia, however, shows just how fragile that protection can be when economic pressures take central stage. 61 more words


Cocoa Face Scrub Adventure

Hey Y’all Sparky here,

Just came back from a trip in Brazil helping the local communities stop big business  from tearing down the Amazon rain forest. 69 more words


The 9 Steps to Doing Parque Tayrona Right

Step 1: Get there
The main way to get to Parque Tayrona is via a collectivo, or shared taxi. Most hostels will be able to organize this for you at a reasonable cost or you can make your way to the public market in the center of town to catch one on your own. 1,783 more words

Haiku #9

a four-inch tree
my rainforest

Photo: leafly.com


Amazon, Colombia.

I bet you didn’t know Colombia was part of the Amazon?
Many travelers think the Amazon it’s only possible to do if you are in Brazil. 641 more words