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You may be wondering what a “toilet claw” is. Let me tell you: it is a specialized claw primates have for grooming. It doesn’t have anything to do with a toilet. 50 more words

Tropical forest losses outpace UN estimates

By Jeff Tollefson

The rate of forest loss across much of the tropics increased by 62% in the first decade of the millennium compared to the 1990s, according to an analysis of satellite data. 348 more words


Part 36

I woke up a few hours later, stomach a rumble for anything to fill it, Graham sitting by patiently, his piece already said.

How mad is she, I asked. 457 more words


Springbrook National Park Part I

I hope you’re not sick of rainforest shots, because the next two posts are going to be in the same vein as the last. Springbrook National Park is in the Gold Coast hinterland, south of Brisbane, and it’s famous for its “Natural Bridge” – a bridge of rock that has formed over a rainforest pool, with a resident population of glow worms. 60 more words


Ladies In The Rainforest

Here’s my latest music release, Ladies In The Rainforest by Kristopher Stone, featuring Ahria, Linda and Larry Cammarata. One track, 35 minutes of continuous music and the sounds of nature. 38 more words



Ive had three dreams about Sean since he died.  I want to write them here so I don’t lose them.

The first was a while ago… maybe five months ago.  604 more words

Camping Cures All

I must admit, lately I’ve been feeling a bit restless and anxious.  Seattle is great, but living in the city has made me feel a bit disconnected from the mountains, despite their relative proximity. 774 more words