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Wildlife Discovery at The Datai Langkawi

The Datai Langkawi is offering an inclusive Wildlife Discovery package combining beachside accommodation with some experiential activities, designed to take advantage of the resort’s iconic virgin rainforest and the emerald-green waters of Andaman Sea. 198 more words

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White Water Rafting

I watched as the mist fell from the bright, clouded sky. I was surrounded by massive, green trees lining the Tully River, located in the Tully Gorge National Park in Queensland. 1,499 more words

Jungle Escapades; Or, Too Many Spiders!

Our first spot is an anaconda snake. Yes. An anaconda. Those terrible monsters you’re sure will kill you because you’ve seen that horror film.

It is a baby, curled up in a perfect spiral around a branch hanging over the river. 2,026 more words


Sink or Swim

There are 3 million species of animals living in tropical rainforest, and one of them, the red fire ant, lives underground, under constant threat of annihilation from flash floods. 89 more words


Kauai: my weekend in a mountain oasis

*Disclaimer: I did not use diacritical marks (okina and kahako) in the title and text of this page because I no longer have Hawaiian font on my laptop.  290 more words


Sucuri - Anacondas

Another resident of the Amazons are the snakes. I always had this love and hate with snakes. I remember seeing pictures of people holding these giants snakes and my hair would stand up on my neck; and it still does. 319 more words

Saint Lucia Rainforest Hike | The Des Cartiers Trail

Difficulty: Easy | Duration: 3 – 4 hours | Cost: EC $25

To be honest, I did not find this to be an amazing hike – it was an amazing experience but not an amazing hike. 346 more words