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It’s a beautiful day today in London. It’s not raining…


When it rains

I wouldn’t be very authentic to say I love rain; that I can’t get enough of the refreshing feeling when every raindrop hits my cheeks; how I’m forced to see through a coating left on my glasses and how everything becomes just so peaceful. 223 more words


Poem - Feel The Rain On Your Skin

Don’t just walk in the rain
Feel it on your skin
Let it all soak in
Absorb it like your sadness
As it rolls down your cheeks… 73 more words


re write - eighteen

“when it rains it pours”

and this is a bad thing?

whys rain so bad?

aren’t you really saying that rain is crap and we should be thinking negatively about it, especially when it comes in large amounts?


Five-Hundred Word Challenge 386: Bottom of the Well

It’s once more a race to the bottom, but this time the well extends far beyond my reach.

Two days of heat and now it’s a little cooler. 492 more words