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Winter Camp

Today we are at a winter camp. It is really nice. I have had a shower with my brother inanc. He is eight years old. He is four years older than me. 19 more words



Throw the stick
Throw the stick
Throw the stick

Not in the fucking water
I’ll have to go and get it now
Fuck it’s cold… 169 more words


Rinse, No Wash

It has been raining for the past couple of days. Reboot is getting a great rinse. Unfortunately it needs a wash first.Fair winds and following seas  :) 10 more words


A love that lurks in black knights, pawns and rooks

I’m usually tired after work. Gazing at the computer screen for 8 hours can be tiring, but last Friday night was an exception. He arranged for us to meet. 351 more words


It's raining in Vancouver!!

So I feel like a fully fledged Vancouverite after getting up and going running in the lashing down rain this morning! You could tell I was new to the city as I was the idiot who was wearing a windproof thinking that was adequate protection.  182 more words



via Daily Prompt: Percussive

We were waiting to make a dash for the car. It had been raining all afternoon, and now into the night. The rain was percussive, it was pinging off the metal of the car bodies, drumming on the bitumen, splashing in the puddles, and sounding like a rivet gun on the awning where stood. 125 more words