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Thoughts of a Pluviophile

Most people enjoy the rays of sunshine everytime they open their window curtains.

Or the sunny day at the beach where the heat of the sun warms the serene ocean. 328 more words


This lands been desert-ed.

Not deserted, just thirsty.

The rain is coming soon,

It’s just not quite here yet.

You can smell it in the air. 40 more words

One Day It's Bone Dry The Next It's As Wet As An Otters Pocket !!

The Saturday was cloudy and dry, as always things seemed to start quite slowly nobody in a rush to get sorted and get the track live, nobody was in a rush but I was ready and raring to go, the up lift started at 10 am and I was on the first one up the hill the track was mint if a little dusty, Martin the track owner had altered some jumps for the better. 466 more words

June 26, 2017

I want the rain to forever pour down and gulp me up until I’m wet, so wet, I would weigh five times heavier, and I’d be sucked down and hugged by the cold soft soil; I would daydream in it, careless about time and people and everything else, and dear God I promise I would be the happiest thing alive. 96 more words



Drenched earthen heat
Soil cracked dry as arid rifts
Soaking liquid sky

Showers upon streets
Seared raindrops flow in valleys
And pool into springs

Partly cloudy breeze… 19 more words