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Another Cloudy Day

Its raining, and the weather is just awesome, its that climate where you want a cup of coffee with some delicious fries and a long drive after it, and you want to do all this stuff not alone but someone who is close to your heart, one who can feel you and make you feel for them, it may be your mom, or your friends, or someone very special. 455 more words


Saturday Morning

I see no pressing reason to get out of bed.
The lights are off
and it is raining
and the covers are the cave I dreamed of when I was a child. 16 more words


March Snow....again

                                So once again it snowed thankfully it’s melting well on the driveway but the ground is covered again. I am so happy it’s the end of March its been a long winter and a long  couple of weeks. 88 more words

From her window

Behind the glass of a closing window
Of a house lives in that street
She stood to watch the sky
While it was raining
Was she sad? 59 more words



On Tuesday I had an unexpected day off so asked my wife to set  theme for the photos and my blog. Water in any form was the set theme. 100 more words


Bunny Illustration

I painted a cute little bunny rabbit!

I was having a hard time feeling creative this week so I tried out a new style and played with some different Photoshop brushes.I went for a water color look, but I still need to work on that ^_^;