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I Choose Joy

Well today I sit in my house during a week straight of rain, we are expected to get 6 inches throughout the week (goodness gracious). Though I am super happy that the drought is breaking, the farm is getting watered and my rain tanks are filling, I am still a little frustrated because I still need to get outside and finish the peach trees. 387 more words

Organization Progress

I copied a page out of my old Employer’s book and decided to label things.

The idea behind the picture and word labels is that it enables children to associate words with images (think about how most people learn a foreign language.) And to then associate the picture on the container with the contents inside. 243 more words


Ready, set, go!

Asalamualaykum wa rahmatullahi wa barakatu ladies,

I decided to make my son something I knew he would admire forever…his very own racetrack! In the past, we’ve bought plastic tracks for trains and cars which are great but the problem is as soon as you lose a piece its game over. 157 more words

Age 5-6

Escape from the creepiest motel at Breakout Manchester

Last week I took on another live escape game at Breakout Manchester, and this time it was a room with a creepy twist which made it just perfect for the run up to Halloween. 342 more words

Out & About

Rainy Day Activities

Hey all,

I’m sorry about there being no post on Friday, I’ve been having a bit of time off everything as I wasn’t feeling 100% last week Plus my scheduled post for Friday deleted itself and I didn’t notice til 8pm. 636 more words

Mum Life

12 Ideas for Surviving Rainy Days with a Toddler

As much as I adore Autumn, it does bring with it the absolute horror of RAINY DAYS AT HOME. Sure, in the morning a rainy day indoors sounds like a lovely idea, but by lunchtime when energy levels are through the roof and the noise level is creeping up you need to call upon your bank of entertainment ideas to keep you and your child/children sane. 745 more words

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Edible Slime Recipes

If you are a huge fan of slime like we are in our house, then you will notice that a large majority of the slime recipes do contain harsher ingredients like glue, detergents or borax. 424 more words

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