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Is It Bad To Not Speak Up?

There are times to listen, and there are times to raise your voice. Everyone knows right from wrong. You know right from wrong. Stand up for what is right. 99 more words

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The Choices We Make

There is always a choice. Even when it seems to already be made, that decision was made by a previous choice you, or someone else involved made. 386 more words

Channeled Messages With "The Secret Language Of Animals Oracle Deck" By Chip Richards

We’re meant to be

They said we’re not meant to be,

Our love for each other, society chose not to see,

They said our bond is unnatural,

Our togetherness is preposterous, so terribly immoral. 346 more words

Raise Your Voice

Francesca Araiza's “Raise Your Voice” Fights for Egyptian Women's Rights One Documentary at a Time

“ “Raise Your Voice” is a holistic concept that uses film making as a tool for advocacy and women empowerment. It is not only about the idea of filmmaking, but about Women Rights.” ~ Francesca Araiza   864 more words


The Life of 'Other Indian' in India.

“Hey, Chinky?”

“Oii, momos and thukpas!”



These are the some of the few names that we are used to, you can hear them when we are either roaming the streets of Delhi, Chandigarh or Bangalore or any parts of India. 512 more words

CHC Writers - We Are Thankful

We are thankful for our talented adult & youth writers.  Raise your voices & express yourself!  

CHCW Adults

ignorance is not bliss.

Disclaimer:: I guess what I had to do to start writing this “blog I’ve been working on,” in a coherent, eloquent way, was to get angry. 2,018 more words