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Raise Your Voice

A “new-ish” song

I wrote this song a few months ago. Right now, it seems very fitting. I’ve noticed that the more I step up for what I think is important, take action, the less likely I am to fall into pits of despair, even though sometimes it seems like the hardest bloody thing to do.

New Song

Hidup Rayat!

Bersih is a coalition consisting of several human-rights organizations and non-governmental organizations which are campaigning for the reformation of the electoral system and for good governance in Malaysia. 2,029 more words

Raise Your Voice.

It's Not About Who Won

I hate talking politics. Most of all, I hate how it seems to bring out the worst in people. But with all the hatred and anger I have seen today, I had to say something. 496 more words

Hope for unity

Imagine you get the chance to time travel, would you love to go back in history or prefer to have a look at the future? The good thing about history is that you clearly know what to expect. 779 more words


I Am No Shrinking Violet

My mother has a saying, “She’s no shrinking violet.” In other words, she’s strong, assertive, outspoken. My parents didn’t raise shrinking violets, not one among us. 892 more words


The North East India- Where It Stands Today


adjective ta·boo \tə-ˈbü

: not acceptable to talk about or do

:forbidden to profane use or contact because of what are held to be dangerous supernatural powers. 456 more words