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Should We Get A Pay Rise Without Showing Initiative?

There I was, at work. Wow! Unbelievable I was at the place where I usually am every week. Great start to a blog right? Anyway I am soon to go on holidays this Friday in fact, and I would have had only three days left of work till then but no, an extra day has been added so I now have four days left of work before I get 4 weeks off. 1,337 more words

Some grains for a coin? I can do that

My teacher brain has kicked into first gear this year; whole lotta spinning and I’m not getting far. Or at least that’s how it feels when I’m tired and the assignments are stacked against me higher than the odds of getting my dream job first year out in 2019. 399 more words

Fitbit and Google Partnership May Raise Privacy Concerns

Depending on which side of the privacy debate you’re on, you’re either going to love or hate this announcement: “Fitbit intends to use Google’s new Cloud Healthcare API to help the …

How to Raise a Healthy Child After a Divorce – Law Office of Julia Ann Brungess

Making sure your child is emotionally healthy during & after your #CA #divorce can give them the best possible start later in life. Here are helpful hints to ease the transition and provide support when dealing with #childrenanddivorce.

We humbly ask

We humbly ask forgiveness;
We ask for healing, too.

We ask for faith, and hope,
And strength, besides;

So that we may praise you,
Worship and adore you, 78 more words


Raise the minimum wage to match the living wage in New York.

The inadequate minimum wage in New York City, and New York State, should be a pressing concern for the Governor, and the Mayor. In NY, a single adult needs up to earn $17 per hour, but the highest the State is willing to go is $15. 92 more words