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Should I bootstrap, crowdfund or raise capital for my startup?

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Suddenly, a lightbulb goes off. A brilliant idea to make a difference in the world through tech innovation.

People with the entrepreneurial spirit, might probably fall for the sharing economy hype and kick start an online business right away. 790 more words


How to raise character-filled kids! (podcast)

On this talk show:  Lots of ideas and tips on how to raise children of character in our current culture, as well as how you can strengthen you family in 30 days!  29 more words


Negotiate (Renegotiate) Salary Like a Champion

I renegotiated my salary several times since 2014.  I went from 65, to 80, to 95, and then 105 base (at a better company).  That scares many people, but I love it.   300 more words


How Low Can You Go? 

Be willing to be made low before the Lord and He will exalt you!~ James 4:10 The Passion Translation

Lord, help me wait on You to exalt me. 111 more words

Never lower your standards for those who are too ignorant to raise theirs. You know what you deserve and you know that to accommodate for less shows that you think you deserve less when you really deserve more.

Quote Of The Day

Raise VC funding when you do NOT need money

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One of the biggest (and most interesting) challenges that an entrepreneur has to face is ‘when is the best time to raise money and if at all it is necessary’. 989 more words