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Mother's Day 2015

Mother’s Day was May 10th this year. I picked out a few geraniums for my mom from Jewel since she has a front yard that is blessed with all day sun. 247 more words

White Amorn

Radish Harvest

Its been really cold and I have not spent much time out the back despite my plans, but a week ago I stepped out and was rather excited seeing my Radishes were finally ready. 44 more words


Cucumber mania!

My cute little garden plot is being taken over by my cucumber plants! In May this year, I planted just a few little seeds. Now, the cucumber vines seem to be spreading at a rapid rate and tangling up with my tomatoes and creating a mess! 189 more words

Colonial Nursery

Great help rebuilding kitchen garden that was blighted by chipmunks. Colonial Nursery recommended a free standing raised bed by Gronomics as well as a combination of plants and herbs.  9 more words

We would starve (this is also about growing potatoes)

Today, after harvesting this meager potato crop, I came to the conclusion that my family would starve to death if we were forced to rely on my garden as it is now. 383 more words

Raised Garden Bed

Winter Crop

Its now a number of weeks since the seeds were sowed and we have life, Radishes, Carrots and Garlic.

Not long after the first signs of the Carrots started to show I had the pleasure of  realizing I am feeding the local birds. 127 more words


My first time backyard garden plot...

It is almost July and time to share my progress with my first time backyard raised garden plot! It has been very rewarding to build this plot from scratch and work on it all this time. 371 more words