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Ian McCormack

We just love this testimony it’s one for all the atheists. Termed the jelly fish man, he died of deadly Box jelly fish stings and as a then atheist tells how he come face to face with God and came back from the dead! 15 more words


"Super Troopers 2" Meets Crowdfunding Goal in One Day

Have you heard about Super Troopers 2 happening? Well maybe you didn’t because they weren’t sure if they were going to make it themselves. So just like everyone else does these days, they started a crowd funding campaign to make it happen. 35 more words


Mary Dee

My name is Roxanne Sendejo, this February my mother was recently diagnosed as Autistic. Now this was no big shock to me, I had always known she was different, though I have to admit as a child I resented her for being different. 277 more words


When is an Espresso Not an Espresso??

This week on the plot we began to plan, weed and seed. During the fine weather the last of the raised beds have been weeded with the added bonus of finding the last of the 2014 spring onion harvest to bring home. 276 more words


Ex-girlfriend of Detroit Man Who Walked 21 Miles to Work Each Day Demands Cut of the $350K Raised

Hmm, this may be a tricky situation…you remember the guy who had been walking to work and was recently given a car? Well, now his ex thinks she should get some of his money. 145 more words




As we prepare for Easter let’s consider what the Resurrection of Jesus means to us today. Take these thoughts with you as you conclude the Lenten Season and prepare for Holy Week. 568 more words

A Non-programmed "Too Scared To Run" Week

I have read a lot, over the years, of runners who have injuries and are frustrated that they cannot run. Luckily for me this has only happened once to me and that was in 1987. 655 more words

Heart Rate Zone 2