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Raisin Bread, Cherry Pie, and Mango Cheesecake

I’m playing a bit of catch up with the baking group I participate in (Rose’s Alpha Bakers), because I’m finally feeling like a routine is in the process of getting re-established after just a tiny bit of disruption in the last few weeks. 789 more words

The Baking Bible

Apricot Grilled Cheese on Raisin Bread

cinnamon raisin bread
butter, softened20
sliced muenster cheese
apricot preserves

Spread apricot preserves onto each slice of raisin bread, as desired.  Top with cheese and place sandwich (buttered) onto a preheated griddle or skillet, cooking until nicely crisped on the outside and oozing at the center. 25 more words



I have this insane idea that I woke up as a bear….. so hungry

Cold overnight oats with raisins and almond milk

You know I mentioned how much I love salads, to me its a meal all by itself. 103 more words


My Cheesy Big Four Inch Little But Mighty

Serves two…

I started with a 4 in. Ramkin. Spray with cooking spray of your choice.

I lined the Ramkin with buttered, sliced raisin cinnamon bread. 160 more words

Martha Stewart Cinnamon Raisin Bread Fail

I’ve never really tried to make bread before. Sure there were childhood forays with the electric bread maker craze (which churns out deliciouuuuuuus bread that we consumed within minutes after waiting hours upon hours for it to cook), and quick breads like banana bread, pumpkin bread, scones and the like. 547 more words

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by Nancy

When you think artisan bread, you may think of a freshly baked loaf made by a professional baker, baked in a specialty oven. But the chewy crust and delicious textured flavor is easily replicated by using the Doveware Dutch Oven. 298 more words

By Nancy