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DIY Chocolate Raisinets

Yield: 33 mini chocolates

1 cup mini chocolate chips (Enjoy Life recommended)

2-3 raisins/each mini chocolate

1 Tbsp coconut oil

Mini Silicone molds

Melt the chocolate chips using the double boiler method. 138 more words


Phantom Gourmet: Movie Theater Candy Taste Test

BOSTON (CBS) — Phantom recently purchased five boxes of movie theater candy at a local supermarket. The classic contenders were Dots, Good & Plenty, Milk Duds, Raisinets, and Sno-Caps. 370 more words

Boston's Best

Recycled paper products do exist! And Raisinets!

After bemoaning the lack of recycled paper products in non-chain groceries – i found recycled paper towels today at Caribbean Supercenter on West Colonial. Here’s the proof: 87 more words

April - Bedtime Part II

So for April, my 4th goal is going to be another bed time. This one will be for food. And since I just set my phone bedtime to be 10pm, I thought about doing that, but even though I eat an astonishing amount of food (mostly junk) after 10pm, I am going to make my food bedtime be 9pm. 125 more words

12 Months

Thoughts For Your Hole by Smith Q. Johns

Working title one: “Raisinets® Butt-h-le Artist, B.O. Tootsie Roll Butt-hole T-shirt”

Working title two: “Don’t Look at my Butt-h-le!”

Working title three: Seven Things I Wrote in my Journal Today: 349 more words


This is the dawning of the AGE OF AQUARIUS!

You know it, I know it, my last boyfriend defiantly knew it – I am weird.

This morning I’ve finally reached a new plateau of how weird I am by waking up with a song in my mouth. 459 more words

Dear Diary