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Raisinets v. Woodstock Organic Dark Chocolate Raisins

Back in 1971, a commercial for Goobers (chocolate covered peanuts) and Raisinets (chocolate covered raisins) came out with the jingle

Goobers and Raisinets, Goobers and Raisinets, the chocolate covered candies that pour..

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Raising the Barcode (Part 2)

Barcodes are everywhere. They can be found on products, coupons, receipts, & even cars. Most of these barcodes are just plain rectangles or squares. But other barcodes have taken on unique shapes and designs. 250 more words


[FHCx84] National Chocolate Covered Raisin Day

A respite from the double-duty days this week:


SP has always been a fan of raisins. Soft, chewy, sugary lumps of purple… But some people, like  77 more words


February 2 Groundhog Day

“Anything different is good.” Phil, Groundhog Day

I was fresh out of ideas today. I couldn’t think of how to celebrate Groundhog Day, having never celebrated it before. 25 more words


We always start our meal time with, “What was the best and worst part of your day?” I love this simple statement because it gives me insight into what is going on in my kids’ precious lives, both good and bad. 435 more words


May the Force be with you

There is no candy bar more associated with movie theaters.

Used to hate them because raisins. But this moment is perfect.

Enjoy the weekend, nerds.