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Mommy confessions 109 ; Leftover smoothie

Meet LEFTOVER Smoothie. What to do with the leftover fruits that I feed to baby? This 👆🏻. Blitz them with some yoghurt, add a drizzle of honey and lo…my mid morning hunger fix is ready 😍😍😍. 71 more words

Life of a toddler

Dinner has gone wild 😜 today. The little chef is busy cooking up a storm. I am in love with #mellisaanddoug #toys . Bought quite a few for the tiny tot and am amazed at the quality. 75 more words


Hopefully I’ll have pics in my blogs starting tomorrow.   I had misplaced my point-and-shoot camera, but finally found it…  So pics will be back ASAP!  :)  Also, I’ll have a pregnancy update blog coming up next.   835 more words

Mommy Confessions 108 

Saga of the Remote…

Before the baby this used to be the most fought after object in the house. Gone are its glory days now; found it broken, battered and sad in the laundry basket today. 11 more words

The LOL Mommy Life

The mom life…  It’s a fast-paced ride, one that’ll buck you here and attempt to throw you there, leaving you with smudged makeup, disheveled clothes, and hair more appropriate for a zombie apocalypse movie.   712 more words

Mommy confessions 105; choices 

Buying a dress;

BEFORE: cut and fall? colour? Style? Suits me?

NOW : Does it have pockets, many many pockets? It doesnt need ironing, right? More imp, how long can it go without washing??? 19 more words

Mommy confessions 104; living life on the edge

I always wanted to live life on the edge; now i DO live, sleep, survive on the edge… on the EDGE OF THE BED to be precise… 9 more words