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Parenting in the time of intolerance

My husband Abhiraj is a Hindu Brahmin and I am a Muslim. This has never been an issue for us, has hardly ever occurred to us, has never, ever played out as a cause for differences in any of our fights. 1,577 more words


Parenting stories

Trying to be a good parent; Me Vs Hub :
Me : is this bowl BPA free? Does this toy have no synthetic colours, detachable small parts, choking hazards? 150 more words

No Rest For The Wicked 

Well, there may be no rest for the wicked (me), but that doesn’t stop LincE from taking a vacation.

Husband had to work over Labor Day weekend in Phoenix, so I packed up the baby and popped on a plane to stay for 5 days. 332 more words

So proud to raise a little bookworm!

Abhi and I both love books dearly and this love has reached an all-time high with the birth of Rumi and the entry of picture books in our lives. 324 more words



I am on call 24/7. With very short rest time in between.

There’s so much to do, that it’s hard to complete all that needs to be done. 198 more words

Stronger Together

As excited as I had been to meet my baby boy, one of my biggest pregnancy fears was regarding the change that would come when our little family jumped… 607 more words

A Toddler on Vacation

It was only 15-20 minutes into the drive of our mini-vacation getaway, and the concern started to set in.  What had we gotten ourselves into?  I mean, I had known that Brady started to call out, “Go walk?”  And “All done!”  And *insert high-pitched screaming noises that make you want to bury your head under a thousand pillows, except you’re stuck in a car for another 2 hours*. 969 more words