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Ta Da - Leprechaun Trap!

After much hard work, “we’ve” completed our contraption. Voila!

Now, that’s I’ve done all my homework, I’d like to discuss something that really frosts my cookies. 163 more words


Stay at Home Mom Doing Kid's School Projects

Leprechaun traps. Heard of them? They’re a thing. For real. Even Martha Stewart makes them. Maybe she learned it on house arrest or in the big house along with bubble fish tail braids on fellow inmates. 129 more words


Babies Having Babies

We’ve all heard that term before; it usually pertains to teenagers having babies and yikes! that’s bad enough, but what happens when a 3-year-old has a baby? 333 more words


Asking for Money

How much does everyone love to be hit up for money? Well, I’m doing just that today. Lincoln and I are running in a 5k in April and we’re trying to raise money for hearing loss. 80 more words


Our life routine with a toddler!

I have received so many questions over the past 18 months as to how I keep Ava in a routine. We have super busy lives between work, church and life. 559 more words


Karwachauth as a breastfeeding mother of a teething toddler

I guess the title sums it up pretty well. Although the term ‘mother of a toddler’ is still hard for me to digest considering she just turned one not even a month ago, but it is what it is. 1,321 more words


A Treasure Worth Fighting For (Part 1 of 3)

Let me set the scene…

Colicky baby is screaming at the top of her lungs in the stroller, despite all attempts to appease her.  Toddler is sitting in the middle of a cold, campground road, yelling that he’s mad and that he won’t take another step until mommy and daddy let him go swimming in the lake.   725 more words