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Setting Habits

I’m trying to create this whole new routine for my family so that we can get more rest and more from our days. As a very unscheduled family it is definitely a struggle for us. 418 more words


Cochlear Implant Cartoons

I’ve come across some funny cochlear implant cartoons and yes, these are true…


Stay at Home Mommy Election Day

Today is Election Day and since I believe that voting puts the power in the hands of the people, I voted. However, Lincoln is a bit too young to understand this concept and so we find ourselves living in an autocracy or dictatorship in town LincE Stinky where the people have no power via voting or revolt. 213 more words


Ta Da - Leprechaun Trap!

After much hard work, “we’ve” completed our contraption. Voila!

Now, that’s I’ve done all my homework, I’d like to discuss something that really frosts my cookies. 163 more words


Stay at Home Mom Doing Kid's School Projects

Leprechaun traps. Heard of them? They’re a thing. For real. Even Martha Stewart makes them. Maybe she learned it on house arrest or in the big house along with bubble fish tail braids on fellow inmates. 129 more words


Babies Having Babies

We’ve all heard that term before; it usually pertains to teenagers having babies and yikes! that’s bad enough, but what happens when a 3-year-old has a baby? 333 more words

Parents Of Deaf Children

Asking for Money

How much does everyone love to be hit up for money? Well, I’m doing just that today. Lincoln and I are running in a 5k in April and we’re trying to raise money for hearing loss. 80 more words