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A Week of Toddler Activities

Monday she played with Play-Doh.

Play-doh is a great way to let your kids explore and use their imagination.  It can be mashed, rolled, squashed as well as squeezed which are all good for developing muscles in our little ones cute hands. 494 more words

Building Confidence

Look at her, she is one in this picture and I promise already knows who she is. My baby just seems to exude confidence. She is strong willed, spirited and quite sassy.  1,168 more words

Toddler Tantrums & Tricks: Learning to Laugh At It All

by Jasmine Hewitt, guest blogger

Learning is Living…

And you learn a lot once you have a child. You learn things you never would have known, or even thought about. 393 more words

Parenting Humor

Toddler and an iPad

When I was pregnant, I enjoyed observing little kids at the malls and restaurants. There was some sort of trend with families eating together. Some parents give the kids their iPad to keep them busy so both Mommy and Daddy can enjoy a meal peacefully. 242 more words

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Mommy Confessions 118 ; who sleeps first?

One of the biggest challenges of parenting is, not falling asleep, before the sleepy baby, whom you are trying to rock to sleep is finally asleep. 32 more words

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Mommy Confessions 117; One day Hot; 364 days NOT

Reality check on 1st day of the year.So, cleaned up and went out on NY’s eve. Looked good too. Come New year and am basking in the glory of compliments. 135 more words

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What I Learned Today

I took my daughter to Fun City and today she insisted in going to the big play area where a mix of kids ages 3-7 play and not in the usual place we go to for little crawlers and toddlers. 450 more words

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