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Let her play

In the age of “helicopter parenting,” it is easy to get overwhelmed by our expectations as parents. We are more privy to information than ever, and while this has its benefits, it also comes at a great cost to our children. 289 more words

Hampton Roads Doula

The Chicken Debacle

One minute you’re feeling pleased with yourself for coming up with a plan to make your 3-year-old’s childhood a little more magical, and the next you’re performing emergency rhinoplasty on a 1-inch-tall rubber chicken. 966 more words

2 Year Old Trouble

Time for some confessions by a dad,

I love my kids. I just wanted to start with that, because I really do. Our boys are amazing, wonderful kids who make my life so much fuller. 368 more words


Microblog Monday: Early Riser

I have many distinct memories of waking up early as a child. Some mornings when I woke up, my mom would be downstairs doing her morning workouts with Gil(ad). 189 more words


Parenting - Contradictions and Realisations

I can wholeheartedly admit that I strive to do things right when it comes to raising my little girl. Lately I’ve been asking myself, can anyone actually do it RIGHT? 776 more words

Olivia's Mother Blog

Week 1: From two naps to one

We’re trying to transition Baby B from two naps (9am and 130-2pm) to one long afternoon nap. I’ve read that it drops automatically but with our early 630-7pm bedtimes and two consistent solid naps in the day, I’m not sure how the 9am nap will disappear (given DD is up at 530-6am anyway!). 540 more words

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