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Mommy Confessions nfessions 112

Was watching Mission Impossible: Rogue Nation and in the Turandot Opera scene, Benji Dunn flashes a theatre light directly on Ilsa Faust when she is aiming to shoot at him from a high tower and thus reveals her position. 95 more words

Mommy confessions 111

Clearly I am still no good at this parenting thing; now I have a loud, obnoxious, plastic robot entangled in my hair. This is what happens while I am playing with my toddler, he just comes and places this robot thingy with rotating wheels on my head and I dont understand whether I should shout in pain first or try to somehow turn that stupid blasted thing off while it keeps pulling and entagling more of my hair. 56 more words

The Truth Behind Teen Pregnancy

Teen pregnancy has been a part of society for thousands of years. Women would have children at a young age because the survival rates were extremely low. 424 more words

Teen Mom

Mommy Confessions 110; Travelling with a tot 

This !!! A Train on a plane ✈️. This is the journey of parenthood. This was part of my cabin baggage today. Airline luggage policies being what they are, I obviously carry a huge hand bag, whenever am flying and cram a lot of stuff in it. 99 more words

Mommy confessions 109 ; Leftover smoothie

Meet LEFTOVER Smoothie. What to do with the leftover fruits that I feed to baby? This 👆🏻. Blitz them with some yoghurt, add a drizzle of honey and lo…my mid morning hunger fix is ready 😍😍😍. 71 more words

Life of a toddler

Dinner has gone wild 😜 today. The little chef is busy cooking up a storm. I am in love with #mellisaanddoug #toys . Bought quite a few for the tiny tot and am amazed at the quality. 75 more words


Hopefully I’ll have pics in my blogs starting tomorrow.   I had misplaced my point-and-shoot camera, but finally found it…  So pics will be back ASAP!  :)  Also, I’ll have a pregnancy update blog coming up next.   835 more words