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Aspergers IS Autism!

I hear this a lot ‘he/she has Aspergers and Autism’. 

I heard it today in fact at work! One of my colleagues was serving a table who, coincidentally were from my neck-of-the-woods in Staffordshire (the mum even came from the EXACT little village that my Dad grew up in… I regret not getting her name). 895 more words

Running Britain's Ocean City Half Marathon for #MyChemoHero

Two months ago today I made a pledge… I pledged and committed to run the Britain’s Ocean City Half Marathon for #MyChemoHero Joanna Terrell.

This was my way of showing my support to Jo, it has been a chance to raise funds for cancer patients and most importantly, this campaign has been an opportunity to raise awareness of the importance of self-checking and being familiar with our own bodies. 280 more words

When Alienation is solved it's still a problem

Dr Sue Whitcombe, counselling psychologist at Family Psychology Solutions, gives us this case scenario. It’s unusual because you’d think the problem’s been solved. But the solution has ushered in another problem, just as awful. 953 more words

Raising Awareness

Raising Awareness: Meningitis

A couple of weeks ago I had a guest post to raise awareness of Autism. I realised from publishing that post that I really want to use this blog for good. 636 more words

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2017 NEC Symposium a Groundbreaking Success!

The 2017 NEC Symposium was an overwhelming success, bringing together multi-disciplinary stakeholders in the NEC community to make progress on this devastating disease. Neonatologists, pediatric surgeons, nurses, scientists, advocate families, members of industry, nonprofit organizations, regulators and many others gathered to discuss the disease and find new ways forward. 427 more words

Raising Awareness

Accessibility Benefits Everyone

Accessibility Benefits Everyone

Walking up one small flight of stairs to access the entrance of a restaurant or walking down a flight of stairs to get to the subway are everyday tasks many people never question. 706 more words

Training For June

I hopped on my stationary bike yesterday and plugged out 10 miles. Go me. But I’m feeling it in my knee today. I’m riding to raise money for the Children’s Cancer Fund in June and I want to be able to chug out some mileage. 110 more words

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