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BestFriends are like stars

Number 6

Best friends are like stars, sometimes you can’t see them, but you always know that they are there. this is something i wish i knew when i was going through some of my hard times. 421 more words

Teenage Girls

Ways to Support Breast Cancer Awareness in October

Ways to Support Breast Cancer Awareness in October

Every year, the US and other nations commemorate those suffering from, recovering from, and living cured of breast cancer throughout the month of October. 376 more words

I can do this!

Things are happening very quick at the moment. I’m set to start swimming lessons very soon (I’m actually excited to conquer my fear), meetings are being booked in to talk all things world records and challenges, and parcels are being received for various ideas. 411 more words


A Request

Over on my Facebook account I have posted positive things about the Me too hashtag.  I know that not everyone is comfortable with sharing their experiences so when a friend of mine contacted me and asked if I would be willing to share their’s anonymously, I agreed to.  591 more words


The Beginning - Part 1.

Tuesday August 16th 2016, the night my entire world came crashing down.

The door had just slammed shut, he finally left.  I lay on my bed completely numb and unable to move. 1,347 more words


Do any of us have time to not be ok?

How many times do we respond to the question “Hey, you ok?” with “Good thanks, you?” We say it even when we’re not. It’s like an automatic response… or is it that we can’t bring ourselves to say anything other than that? 249 more words

World mental health day.

Today is ‘world mental health day’, its early evening as i write this and I have been amazed by all the positive tweets and blog posts I have seen throughout the day from my very small corner of the interweb, it really is great to see people working together to break the stigma,  433 more words