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CRPS Awareness photo challenge: my firey flaming CRPS ribbon

Day 25: to design something with the awareness ribbon on it.

I already created something simple earlier this month (which I haven’t got round to posting yet because I was running behind on the challenges) so I got stuck into the challenge this time creating a CRPS orange ribbon from a pic of fire as fire is often used as a symbol of the CRPS burning pain. 80 more words


CRPS Awareness photo challenge: regained

Something I never thought I’d do again.

A bit tricky for me as if I find I can’t do something any more I don’t think “that’s it, I’ll never do that again”, – I accept that I can’t do that for now but I don’t write everything off entirely. 91 more words


Review: STAND Magazine

Dwayne Hayes says STAND Magazine is about me. It’s about you. But it’s also about us, together. How do we men encourage one another to be better men? 694 more words
Raising Awareness

CRPS Awareness photo challenge: happy

Something that makes me happy even though I’m in pain: nature aka The Great Outdoors.

Also, cute babies and smiling dogs feature on the list as well! X-)


Slavery and Reparations: Bristol and Beyond

Last night I attended the ‘African connections: moving people – perspectives on Bristol, slavery and migration’ seminar at the Malcolm X Centre, part of the Being Human 15 festival. 427 more words

Hegemonic Values

She is just too slow! (Dyslexia)

I recently came across a beautiful highly-spirited, rough, sometimes annoying but fun to watch child who does not just do well academically. She loves to sing around the class, play with other kids, and eat but when it is time to write, she gets exhausted. 347 more words


In Honor of International Men's Day: How the Man Box Impacts Us All

By working to unlock the Man Box, we will not only make life better for boys and men, but we will also make life safer for girls and women. 465 more words
Raising Awareness