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our examples

My oldest was with a large group of boys and the message was about who we chose to be our heroes.  The question “Who do you think is a good example in the Bible?”  My son raised his hand and said “Goliath”.   378 more words



Have you ever had a friend that you wondered why they were your friend?  And I’m not talking about when we have insecurities thinking we aren’t good enough.   315 more words


the fighting

I just sent all three boys to their rooms.  They are fighting, again.  Nit picking and complaining, negative attitudes, pushing each other.  Then they come to me with all the petty complaints!   477 more words


10 Things I Love About Being a Mom of School-Age Children

After watching the Lewis and Clark documentary:

Dad: Sacajawea’s husband gave her to them to help them on their 2 year journey even though she was very pregnant. 302 more words


The Sock

I think that all socks for little humans should come up to their knees. I know I can’t be the only one who struggles with keeping them on Buggy’s feet. 396 more words


This Is How We Do.

My oldest child started 2nd grade today.

I woke up at 5:30 a.m., a full hour before my alarm was supposed go off, unable to go back to sleep because i… 495 more words


You know you are a mother of boys when

  1. Your house has become a race track for cars or a sprint track for running. Or both.
  2. You know every superhero name AND their villains…
  3. 122 more words