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The Sock

I think that all socks for little humans should come up to their knees. I know I can’t be the only one who struggles with keeping them on Buggy’s feet. 396 more words


This Is How We Do.

My oldest child started 2nd grade today.

I woke up at 5:30 a.m., a full hour before my alarm was supposed go off, unable to go back to sleep because i… 495 more words


You know you are a mother of boys when

  1. Your house has become a race track for cars or a sprint track for running. Or both.
  2. You know every superhero name AND their villains…
  3. 122 more words
Raising Boys

My Penis Will Have a Mustache?!?!?!

Oh the things that come out of the mouth of #3…last night’s dinner conversation.

#3: Mom, raise your arm.

Me: Why?

#3: Because I think I saw hair in your armpit! 115 more words

Raising Boys

Aren't you supposed to learn about Santa Claus before sex?

About a week ago, number 3 informed us he knew the ins and outs of “relations.” Yep, he sure does and he’s only seven!!!  Acccckkkk, aren’t you supposed to learn about Santa Claus before sex?!?!? 275 more words

Raising Boys

My Wife Bonus.

I survived my first real week of Summer.

The boys played tug o’ war with the water hose. They pulled and pulled with all their might, but the other end was stuck to the house. 494 more words


Sweet #3

Found on my pillow tonight, courtesy of #3…maybe there is hope…