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How I Turned My Son into a Star Wars Geek

Given the fact that I am an adult born in the 70s and with a technical inclination, it would come as no surprise that I am a Star Wars geek. 2,062 more words


Playing Favorites With My Kids

Sometimes one of my kids does something amazingly cute, or says something amazingly cute, or simply just walks in a cute way and I think to myself “Oh my, he is the best, he’s my favorite of the little people I live with.” I relish the moment and begin to think about the other kid. 462 more words

Mom Life

Conflict within...

Raising kids is fun…usually…there are however moments where I could use any number of other words to describe it, such as:

Weekly Emails

The Dress can be ‘Garbaged’

Couple of years back about this time I was raving and ranting about M leaving. It was all I could talk about or think about or ‘anything’ about. 973 more words


That's Called Life You See

Today was a rough one! Between the aftermath of yesterday and the new events of today and my car being in the shop and the reality that we have to pay for it tomorrow… Just a rough day in this thing called life! 236 more words

Marriage Is Work

Sharing Breast Milk

Let’s end the week sharing – our priceless breast milk.

In 2012, we were given a chance to appear on local television shows – Reel Time and Tonight with Arnold Clavio. 207 more words

Raising Kids

Quick Guide To How Many Kids You Should Have

This is my personal and (falsely) accredited guide to how many children you should have. It is most helpful when you currently have no children and therefore also have absolutely no idea what you are talking about when it comes to kids. 390 more words