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Dear Husband

We are coming up on six years of marriage, although with two little kids, two full time jobs and a myriad of other responsibilities, it doesn’t seem that long ago.   416 more words

Raising Kids

 I Play

I have a confession to make: I’m a 42 year-old mom and I play Pokemon Go.

I have two teenage boys, ages 18 & 16. They are video game fanatics, and they play Pokemon. 495 more words

Bugs. NOT the cool kind.

Yep. Lice. Those creepy, crawly, tiny, itchy bugs that like to gather and party in kids hair… Ugh.

This afternoon I uncovered the cause of the ‘mysterious itch‘ that could have been dandruff, or sweat induced scratching, or some weird concoction of mud and sand, but alas, it was bugs. 234 more words

Raising Kids

On consent. And respect. 

I’m at an uncle’s place in the middle of a big family gathering, and it’s been great to see A spend time with many of her grand-uncles and aunts. 388 more words


The Spot

Time out, no-fun spot, thinking chair, quiet reflection… A place where ‘lively’ boys and girls go to stop and consider their disruptive actions. Yes. That place. 275 more words

Raising Kids

Pokémon Go(ing for a Walk)

You’ve heard of the Pokémon Go craze, right? The game allows people to hunt for Pokémon in real life using their smart devices.

I learned about the craze early on. 520 more words


What do I tell my little girl about (wearing) makeup?

“Here is what I finally told my little girl who is only 10 but going on 20 about wearing makeup”.. A mother finally breaks her silence! 204 more words

Raising Kids