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Parenting Styles Today

My Husband and I grew up in a world where I’m sure most of you did.  A world called the 80’s where bike helmets didn’t exist, we ran the streets without a parent, road our bikes to the end of the earth and back and drank from the hose.  882 more words


The pros and cons of playdates - and the temptation of insular parenting

The pressure to be the ‘perfect parent’ 

I never realised before becoming a parent how much judgment exists around parenting. From the time your first baby arrives – no, even prior to that – it’s easy to find yourself bombarded with information, about what you should do during pregnancy, birth, feeding and caring for a young baby. 2,094 more words

Life And Learning - Thinking Space

Misfit Volunteer

A staple impaled my finger.  Blood dripped on the little reading pamphlets I was collating and stapling together.  This was my first time volunteering at my son’s kindergarten class four years ago and within minutes of arriving I was ready to skulk off and cry. 975 more words

What just happened?

While laying in his bed preparing for Dreamland, my 3 yr old son turns to me and says, with much excitement in his voice,  “When I touch my pee pee it tickles.” (then proceeds to vigorously flick said ‘pee pee’). 15 more words


Keeping Friendships

I know I have written a post about friends already, but that was a post specific to my Catholic mom friends. This is a little different. 732 more words

What Changed When I Started Working

For one thing, going for gatherings became easier. I had a ready answer to, “so what do you do?”. Yes, I know I being at home with the kids is “commendable” and one of the “toughest jobs in the world”, and that I should never have felt bashful about being, well, just a mom. 783 more words


The things in life I may never get; but that are sure lovely to dream about.

So I originally posted this on my tumblr page but thought that this really was a perfect blog post. So I’m sharing this with you.

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