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Our New Christmas Tradition

This year my kids wrote letters to Santa quite early, it was in the last weekend of November. They both mentioned that they had been good this year and asked many things for this Christmas. 286 more words


So I was sitting in my office trying to gather my thoughts for this blog post when it happened: bang! crash ! “You took my airplane!”  “That’s 

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Christian Inspiration

The Glories of Chores

I’m a firm believer that children who don’t do chores grow up to be adults who don’t know how to care for themselves. 

It’s all well and good to assign chores to your children, but without consistency, motivation, and/or consequences, chore time turns into a game of frustration and nagging. 611 more words

Help And Advice

Why It Pays To Be a Helicopter Parent

If you Google “are helicopter parents bad” a huge list of articles from places like Forbes, Psychology Today, and the Huffington Post (Not a fan of everything coming out of HP) saying being a helicopter parent is the worst possible thing you can do for your child. 811 more words

3 Things I got Right (and 7 I didn't) in Motherhood

My Dad used to say with a great deal of disdain, “Anybody can procreate.”  The underlying meaning, of course, was that very few could raise children  909 more words


Did I create a monster?

About a month ago I was working at my school’s Scholastic Book Fair and had some time to peruse the cases (honestly, for like the 100th time, I have an addiction). 480 more words


Holiday Hangover

When I worked outside our home I used to always dread going back to work after a holiday or long weekend.  It’s always hard to get back to the grind, but it’s especially hard when I’ve enjoyed delicious food, family time, and Brian being off work.   681 more words