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We’ve only been in our house—a big, charming Victorian—for a couple years. I like it and all, but recently I was getting the itch to move. 1,062 more words


How To Carve Out Quality Time

Dear Groovy Mama,
How do I carve out quality time with each child when I’m training a toddler? (Angela)

Dear Angela,

The first question to ask yourself is, what constitutes ‘quality time’? 979 more words


GMS: Guilty Mom Syndrome

The anomaly of “Mom Guilt” is something a non-parent could never understand. I can’t speak for dads, as all parents have their own dynamic, but for this mom, right here, it’s real AF. 967 more words

The Time Machine: The Girl and the Old Woman

The Time Machine series features posts from years past.

Today I’m sharing a short story I wrote in November 2015, the year our third daughter turned one. 412 more words


Pet Peeves

There is no such thing as a perfect parent. We just try the best we can to raise our children to be good people, polite, respectful and have good manners. 367 more words


Who will you be, little one?

I find myself getting lost in my baby.

I look at his sweet baby face and wonder, who will you be?

Will you have my lack of patience or your dads abundance of patience? 852 more words


Raising a Daughter in a Slut-Shaming Society

Here’s I’m a Horrible Mom, jumping on the bandwagon and talking about what’s heavy in the news. You know what, though? It needs to be talked about. 767 more words