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Crawling out of the hole


I think Im coming out of the hole now. Ive been poking my head out for a few days, looking to see if my shadow frightens me. 509 more words

My Parenting Foible

It’s hard out there for a newborn. And youngest child. And being one of three boys. And having twins as older brothers. And those twins being crazy toddlers. 723 more words

They Can Still Surprise You

They Can Still Surprise You

I had a week of very late evenings.  That’s just the nature of television news and ratings periods and the job I have.   531 more words

I'm Sorry, I Can't Be Your Friend

Who ever said that middle school was the hardest time for making and keeping friends lied. Their nose is longer than Pinocchio’s after testifying as an alibi witness for the Big Bad Wolf at his trial. 1,249 more words


How (Not) to Raise a Nazi (aka: The Impact of Parenting Styles)

“What was the Holocaust?”

It all started with a simple     question posed by my older teen. I was shocked that he did not already know. Everyone should learn about horrors of history such as the Holocaust, in order that we may learn from the mistakes of others and prevent history from repeating itself. 603 more words



I could give you all kinds of tips on how to raise you kids. I could tell you how to sneak veggies into their diets, how to deal with tantrums or how to stay consistent, but you can find that advice all over the internet. 203 more words

It's Not Me, It's You

Dear Mom Guilt,

Listen…you’ve been there for me since the very beginning. Right from the time I poured myself a glass of third-trimester/doctor approved wine you’ve been hanging around. 519 more words

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