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To Capture A Mockingbird...

“You never really understand a person until you consider things from his point of view… Until you climb inside of his skin and walk around in it.” ―  576 more words


First Blood

Dear Blue,

It’s amazing how much being a parent can change your perspective on the world. I’m not talking here about the silly, sentimental fluff that ends up written in flowery cursive inside a Hallmark card. 709 more words


I'm Angrivated By Common Core Math... But Not For The Reasons You Think

What in the world is the big deal about Common Core, particularly the math part of it all? Every single day, somewhere on Facebook, the tv, or the radio, I see someone bashing the new system. 1,219 more words


4 Reasons I don't like the kids' Spring Break

Overall, Spring Break is awesome.  Of the three 2 week breaks my kids get in their school year, the Spring Break is probably the most needed.   667 more words


Screw you, antibiotic toothpaste

When Ellie goes into a chlorinated swimming pool, she comes out with rash all over her body. It starts off bumpy and a week later it turns into dry eczema. 359 more words

Raising Kids

fruitful {how to deal with the EB questions}

When we’re out with Julianne, she draws people’s attention.  This is inevitable, and we were aware that this would be the case for our family.  We have a beautiful family… but the fact that Julianne looks different from the other children doesn’t escape the notice of others.   670 more words

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Toddler Problems? Just Throw 'Em In The Bath!

When you’re dealing with a toddler, life can be very much as unpredictable as the weather in the northern Midwest. Those Great Lakes can do some funky magic tricks with the temperatures and cloud formations, causing tornados and thunderstorms to crop up without fare notice willy nilly. 1,562 more words