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A Double Feature Day!

Someday I won’t be able to throw a discus for the first time, today is NOT that day!

It wasn’t until my youngest started throwing the discus in track that I remembered I’ve always wanted to give it a try myself.  299 more words


My Home, My Kids, My Responsibility

I interact a lot with young people, especially in church on a regular basis. I also have school aged children that are mine.

I have found it very interesting when I hear parents complain about how the church is not influencing their children enough to do the right things. 300 more words

Mom Talk

Back-bend Bummer!

Someday I won’t be able to do a body lift, today is NOT that day!

When my girlfriend texted me to say she was shocked to discover she was only able to do a back-bend for a millisecond I thought I’d better quickly give it a go myself before it was too late.  164 more words


Weekend Road Trip to South Bend, Indiana

A few weekends ago, we road-tripped to South Bend, Indiana for the Rip the Duck Lacrosse Tournament that Second Most Honorable Son participated in. It was a fun, memorable family adventure. 465 more words

Raising Kids


Hello everyone,

It’s time to discuss that beautiful, stressful, crazy, wonderful journey of motherhood. As a mother, you are learning every single day. There was a time just before we became mothers that we thought we knew every choice, every answer, and scenario that motherhood would throw us. 430 more words

On Strep, Surgery and Finding My Mommy Brave

“Hey, Mom, you have four eyes,” Adellyn said, as the nurse, now giggling, released the brakes on her hospital bed and rolled her toward the large double doors where we would part ways. 601 more words

A Capella!

Someday I won’t be able to go to a Pentatonix concert with my girls, today is NOT that day!

Tonight I broke a few of my old rules, such as staying up to nearly midnight on a school night and splurging on what I used to deem frivolous, to make memories with my kids during another unforgettable concert.  146 more words