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10 Ways My Kids Give Me Superpowers

I am just a random woman to the people I encounter in my daily life and with whom I don’t have much interaction. What those people don’t know is that I carry a secret. 1,202 more words


My Two Cents Over Grass

I’ve never been one of those people who has a talent and knows it and pats themselves on the back for it. I’m actually usually one of those people who rarely recognizes  a talent until someone points it out and I really can’t think of an argument and then I’m like, “well, damn, maybe you’re right maybe I am good at (insert whatever ‘thing’ here).” Parenting is really no different. 839 more words

Naked Tea Sipping

So This Shit Happened

It’s a good thing I enjoy cleaning because the job is never ending. If it isn’t dinner all over the floor, it’s her new interest that involves taking everything from where it belongs and spreading it all over the floor. 92 more words



Mom, I saw the bill last night.
And it was too much, yet you seemed alright.
You worked hard every day, just so I could have a better life. 227 more words


The Guilt Game

Breast is best. You must be a bad mom if you feed your kid formula. Don’t forget to buy the organic wipes, you wouldn’t want to put toxins all over your babies bottom. 700 more words


Parenting: Tough Love & Weeds

My children. Oh, my precious children. The anointed children that my delicious Hunk-a-lish and I created together. They are adored with every ounce of my being. 739 more words

Your children are not your children...

Sigh. This quote is my whole life since my children were born.

Thankfully, I did not have many fantasies of the “type” of child I would have. 729 more words