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It's all going to be ok, Back to School edition...

I find myself telling my kids as they are getting older things that my friends and I have been telling each other for years.  As they are facing challenges and disappointments that come with an increasing age, I have found myself giving them the tools of ‘it will be better in 5 minutes’, and ‘the first day is the hardest, it will get a bit easier every day after.’ 307 more words


Kids Are Awesome

I know I complain about parenthood a lot, but mostly because it’s funnier to whine than it is to say how awesome your life is. Don’t get me wrong—kids really are a huge pain in the ass. 79 more words


60 days: Sleep and Routines

The battle of sleep

Sleep is a battle for a lot of babies.  Just look at all the books, websites and consultancy services devoted to babies taking decent naps and sleeping through the night. 1,052 more words

Raising Kids


Each day has a beginning, a middle and an end. Three parts, equally powerful.

Here is my beginning. Rested bodies, coffee brewing, sun shining, light music playing. 238 more words


Cooling Off

How do you keep cool on hot summer days? Do you have memories of swimming, using a Slip n’ Slide or running through the sprinkler? 437 more words



August 1, 2015

Dear Readers,

I’m shaking my head (smh).  I’ve been socially illiterate for some time now, so pardon me if I seem a bit naïve.  466 more words