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Top 10 breeds of best dogs for kids

by Udita Saklani

Planning to raise a fur baby at your home? Check out TCT’s top 10 breeds of best dogs for kids 

We all know as kids, … 647 more words

Raising Kids

Timeless Words for Families

“Ours, it is to be feared, is an irreverent age and land. The number of those who neither fear God nor regard man, is greatly multiplied. 493 more words

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Look Also To The Interests of Others

I have been in and out of the studio a lot this past year and a half, but mostly out.  Design has taken a back shelf to a two legged mud eating, snot snorting, creature in constant motion.  353 more words

Creative Block

A Letter to My Son About His Privilege

Dear my sweetest Little Love,

You are only 5 months old, but you’ll grow up in a blink of an eye. And that’s when I’ll show you this letter. 921 more words


Me: Baby ma, where are your eyes?
My 2 year old: Mummy, ice is in the fridge.
Me: *speechless*


Another moment

Here we are, another moment I don’t want to forget. As usual, it’s way busier than I imagined, and I don’t know how I’ll slow down enough to imprint the whole thing on my heart and remember the details. 783 more words

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When Doing What Is Right Is Up For Sale

to the highest bidder, make sure your kids know the difference between right and wrong.

How To Raise God Wise Kids

Karen J Anderson