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More Parenting and Marriage Memes

Let’s see…. epic tantrums from the nearly four year old and freshly turned two year old… a dishwasher AND oven break one month after their warranties expire (at the same time)… No wine…. 11 more words

5 Free Ways to Show Your Kids Love

During Valentine’s week, we are often tempted to mark this holiday solely with cards and candies for our children.  As this Valentine’s Day approaches, I am reminded of the lasting and free ways to show them love. 62 more words


Reblogging Time Out Kids NYC

Here are 21 things NYC parents have no shame about – as per TimeOut.com. Should I be embarrassed or proud that a lot of this rings true? 346 more words


Loving her As Is

Everybody, all together now:

Teething is FUN.

Whew. All day tears, tears all day. If not tears, then whining all day, all day whining.

I’m actually not complaining here, though it seems like I am. 262 more words


So You're Public Schooling? (A Satire)

We decided years ago to homeschool our son for various reasons. Our son is in the first grade and doing awesome. Making such a decision requires one to think through a lot of things, which most people think we haven’t thought of. 653 more words

Biblical Thinking

Cam Newton. STILL a Role Model?

Cam, oh Cam.

You were my guy all season.  I watched you dance on the sideline, you made my heart sing with every football you handed to a young fan, and I cheered the incredible plays you made.   846 more words

Life Lessons

Happify's infographic of the science behind raising healthy kids

Some days the amount of parenting advice is overwhelming. Even though I don’t seek it out, I feel like there’s always a headline telling me how to raise my daughter. 80 more words