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Giving til it Hurts

Which do you prefer during the holiday season — giving or receiving?

I have a heightened sense of my spending during the holiday season. Toys for the kids, gifts for friends and family. 660 more words


As Light Grows

It can be easy to look back to my childhood and think how different the world was. Of course, I’m remembering this world through eyes of a child. 310 more words

How To Manage Mommy Overload


Dear Groovy Mama,
How do I not allow myself to feel overwhelmed when I feel like I’m being pulled in 6 directions? I am constantly battling feeling outnumbered and overwhelmed right now. 913 more words

10 Indoor kids activities this winter season

by Ila Asthana

Ten best indoor kids’ activities this winter season. Folks! Indulge a little to help them enjoy their vacation

Winter has arrived and definitely for most kids this is a vacation time. 844 more words

Raising Kids

Home Alone--The Book is Just Like the Movie!

This year we’ve started introducing our children, ages 6 and 8, to some classic Christmas movies, like Elf and Bad Santa. Just kidding, no  269 more words


Dementia: Doing Better


It’s not for the weak-willed or the faint-hearted. To build a strong marriage, I believe it’s about team work, effort, shared goals and mutual respect. 1,385 more words

No More Nagging!

Dear Groovy Mama,
How do I help my child take more age-appropriate responsibility without sounding like a nag?  (Linda)

Dear Linda,
First off, know what is age-appropriate. 764 more words