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8 Ways to Boost Your Energy and Motivation

I ran out of energy today. My energy, happiness and motivation took a nose dive and everything felt like an effort. I’m willing to bet that you have days like that, especially if you are a single parent, single-handedly juggling so many things. 650 more words

7 Useful tips on how to handle aggression in children

by Udita Saklani

Aggression in children can be handled without taxing yourself or worrying over how to go about it! Here are 7 important tips that can really come handy! 616 more words

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Open Windows

Everyone has heard the saying, “When one door closes another will open.” Or “if the door closes, open a window.” But one might wonder where these sayings derived from? 1,200 more words


My Teenage Zombie Book Review

Is your teenager having a hard time finding their way? Do you worry that they might not ever turn in to the mature adult you’re raising them to be? 550 more words

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12 Quotes from Children's Books Every Parent Should Remember

Hidden beneath the colourful covers of children’s books are some of life’s greatest lessons from which we can all learn, and ironically, most of us only discover this after we are all grown up. 27 more words

Raising Kids

Strutting With the Ostrich Totem

Ostrich Totem Messages and Guidance

“Let’s get one thing clear. We ostriches do NOT bury our head in the sand when frightened. What a ludicrous idea! 375 more words

Totem Messages

Confessions of a Cyberbullied Mom

Last month I was cyberbullied. I know, I couldn’t believe it either. Me? Cyberbullied? At 43? And by a stranger no less! This person, who I will call @BigBigBully (for the purposes of this post) and who again, does not know me at all, took great offense to a picture I posted and it triggered an online bout of rage. 1,102 more words

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