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Parenting Teens

I have to say, I grew up in an entirely different world than the one I have raised my sons in and the one that they will raise their own children in one day. 952 more words


We have to be better. Period.

When I was thinking of my next blog content you can bet that this wasn’t at all what I had in mind but I am feeling compelled to say something about the most recent tragedy in Las Vegas. 732 more words

Raising Young Men: Hayden Betsil

In the first post of this series, we talked to Trevor Lawrence’s mother Amanda Lawrence. If you missed it, be sure to look back through my posts to catch it. 1,352 more words

Remington James :: Eight Months Old

This little man turned 8 months old on Saturday!  We were in Charleston, South Carolina for the Labor Day weekend, so this post is a few days late, but I would never forget to update on my sweet Remington! 395 more words


In defense of Taekwondo ... on World Taekwondo Day

…as if it needed to defend itself

I remember a conversation with Kevin and Katey Deasy in Huntsville, AL where they were extolling the positive impact of martial arts on their sons. 764 more words


Lessons to my son about LOVE, WOMEN & RELATIONSHIPS.

To know & to follow Christ is to know real LOVE. Keep a tight relationship with this man, he’ll help you do LOVE the right way. 283 more words

Just the Four Folses Taking a Vacay!

2017 Folse Vacation!!!

NP has a goal to be an astronomer. He has had this aspiration for a while. So in the spring the hubby and I decided to make the drive to Texas and take him to NASA. 450 more words