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Little Man, Big World

I complain, mostly for comic effect, but occasionally sincerely, about the extremities of emotions displayed by my boys, who are 4 and 2. It can be overwhelming and exhausting at times trying to keep up. 656 more words

On Raising Sons, Drinking Alcohol, and Making Deals

He was on an emotional rollercoaster, our late night visitor. It was well past bedtime, and yet everyone in the house was wide awake. Our parents had sent us to our rooms while they sat with him, offering coffee while hoping he wouldn’t turn belligerent. 1,515 more words


"I Wasn't Raised This way"

   I’m not sure how to handle my husband when it comes to parenting.  We were raised by completely different people so, naturally, we have far different views.   2,219 more words


What He'll Be When He Grows Up

By Amanda Cleary Eastep

At 7, my son is in earnest. Gripping the back of the seat as we drive to the grocery store, he asks, “What should I be when I grow up?” 775 more words


Feel Free to Invite Yourselves In (Part 2)

So then, what are some practices that will help prepare our sons and daughters to be a breath of fresh air in their online spaces? 677 more words

Feel Free to Invite Yourselves In (Part 1)

Every now and then, David or I will sit down with one of our kids and ask to scroll through their social media feeds. They love these special times just as much as you can imagine they would. 712 more words

Never Miss a Moment

Can I share something personal with you?

I loathe being back at work, even if it is for a few short months!

I’ve spent the better part of two years home with my growing family, experiencing life with children. 418 more words

Mommy Moments