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On Raising Sons, Drinking Alcohol, and Making Deals

He was on an emotional rollercoaster, our late night visitor. It was well past bedtime, and yet everyone in the house was wide awake. Our parents had sent us to our rooms while they sat with him, offering coffee while hoping he wouldn’t turn belligerent. 1,515 more words


"I Wasn't Raised This way"

   I’m not sure how to handle my husband when it comes to parenting.  We were raised by completely different people so, naturally, we have far different views.   2,219 more words


What He'll Be When He Grows Up

By Amanda Cleary Eastep

At 7, my son is in earnest. Gripping the back of the seat as we drive to the grocery store, he asks, “What should I be when I grow up?” 775 more words


Never Miss a Moment

Can I share something personal with you?

I loathe being back at work, even if it is for a few short months!

I’ve spent the better part of two years home with my growing family, experiencing life with children. 418 more words

Mommy Moments

Celebration: A marriage of joining and loosing

By Amanda Cleary Eastep

On September 20th, CELEBRATION…

…will be a banquet hall garden with neat rows of white chairs and flowers and a white runner separating the bride’s and groom’s families until we are joined like the teeth of a zipper as she marches up the aisle… 500 more words


Good Mac and Cheese, and this Wild and Sacred Ride

There must be a special portion of grace set aside for mothers of teenagers everywhere…

I sometimes have this strong desire to talk to other mothers who have teenagers. 647 more words


Respect *Integrity*Courage*Honor

In a few weeks, our little town will have its annual Crazy Days (which is something akin to a city-wide sidewalk sale). I had never heard of this tradition until my family moved to the Midwest. 1,267 more words

Faith Family Football