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No Merit Badge For This

“After Penn Fest, Ryan wants me to come over and hang out and then we’ll go to the Mall of  America”, Juan said.

Juan would be finishing up his shift at… 490 more words

Elizabeth Di Grazia

The best laid plans

Five blog posts in a year is not exactly how I recommend starting a blog. I am amazed that anyone continues to read this little thing at all but I sure do love to write. 1,471 more words

"Me Too!"

So yeah. Wow. I have a blog still.
July….was one hell of a month. I was able to get two weeks off for vacation, although not at the same time. 833 more words

Why it is So Important to Raise Super-Heroes

How do you feel about the world of super heroes?

Personally they always disgusted me! But it might not be fair for me to put in my two sense because I grew up in a home of Jane Austin, Louisa May Alcott, Grace Livingston Hill, Betsy-Tacy and many other gems. 292 more words


Who I Am Raising My Sons to Be

Last night we had the same struggle we’ve been having for fourteen years in my house; the drama of garbage night.  Collecting the trash, taking it and the recyclables to the large wheeled containers and taking it to the curb has always been a job for one or more of my three boys.  1,471 more words

It's a Tough One, But It's a Conversation My Sons and I Need to Have

I picked up a book at the library last week. It wasn’t the light summer reading I was hoping for, but I couldn’t put it back. 693 more words

On Life

And then this happened . . .

After the death of a child, life does go on.

But it will never be the same.

There will always be the BIG moments. Milestones, such as graduations and weddings, will always have a quiet undertow which pulls at our tsunamic joy as we wistfully imagine what Reed would be doing if he were here.  824 more words

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