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5 D's in Raising Boys

I’ve been thinking lately about what sons need. What they need growing up. Thought about my four, obviously. And I came up with this simplified list, not all-inclusive and in no particular order but some of the things I think, from my experience are important. 426 more words


The 5 Wimpy Habits of Weak-Willed Parents

  1. They have their heads in the sand as to where their teenagers are (especially on weekends!) and who they are with? Parents…do you know where your teenagers are on a given Friday night?
  2. 584 more words
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Moms Will be Moms

I went to the grocery store today to get some things for a party I’m having at my house for my mom’s 90th birthday. Her birthday is early in May so it always coincides with Mother’s Day. 422 more words


Flea Markets and Scholarships

Our son Bryce received a scholarship yesterday for next fall. It wasn’t expected, so it was so awesome to see.It arrived by letter, snail mail style. 574 more words

A Letter to Moms of Sons

My husband and I have been praying for many years for the young man who will eventually ask for our daughter’s hand in marriage…even though now we have no idea who that person will be. 262 more words


Don't Sweat the Small Stuff: Teens in perspective

So…my teenage daughter texted this picture to us the other day…

I must admit…it is so true in my daughter’s case (literally). My husband had just picked up a bunch of half finished water bottles from the garage and driveway area where my daughter and her friends had been hanging out the night before. 214 more words


College choice: The pinnacle of parental decision-making

You and I face many challenging and difficult decisions as we move through this parenting journey. Initially, they may be decisions like, bottle or breast… pre-packaged baby food or homemade?  932 more words

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