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Mattais Turns 8

On Feb. 11, our curious, lively middle son turned 8 years old. We surprised him in the night by decorating his bunk bed with streamers, balloons and a “happy birthday” sign. 270 more words

Boxing Shadows

Tonight, I attended the first of a three-part, once-a-week self defense class for women. We learned the hammer fist, the alligator roll, and how to center our weight when kicking at someone’s knees. 557 more words

Gloria Harrison

#metoo: Blame the mother.

By talking about the need to raise boys with an awareness of boundaries, consent and respect for women we are, implicitly or explicitly, blaming mothers for the actions of men who commit sexual assaults. 810 more words


"I help"

      This morning I realized something! I have been really focusing a lot on spending time on my thoughts, instead of running from them. With someone who has anxiety, that’s always something that happens. 410 more words

It's so quiet in here - Happy New Year to Me!

The last 3 weeks of the year were filled with family and love and the busyness of the season. And I loved it all. But there is nothing so magical to me as that first day that everyone is back to their routine and my house is quiet. 289 more words

A Man You Shall Be

Tomorrow, my youngest son turns 13.  His birth came at such a memorable time in my life. It was two days after Christmas and my marriage was in shambles. 525 more words


Look Around...Blessings are everywhere!

HOLY MOLY it’s HOLIDAY BREAK!!! The boys and I are finally out of school until the new year. WOOHOO!!!

My wild things have been up since 6am 😳 so coffee was the first thing on the agenda this morning.  567 more words