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The Gift of Faithful Daughters-in-Law!

The best any mom of boys can hope for is to end up with daughters-in-law who love Jesus. My husband and I are blessed with two such young women–one, has been in our family for 5 years and the other, will join us in a few short months. 449 more words

Spiritual Encouragement

Dear Thoriq (1)


Dear Thoriq, this will be the first of my many letters to you, of which I hope you will have the privilege of reading when you are older. 764 more words


Building Your Legacy: A Parental Primer

It was promotion Sunday at my church–the day when church members “promote” into their new Sunday school classes. As we headed down our tree-lined driveway to church, I wondered, “Would this be the year I would move into the… 911 more words

Spiritual Encouragement

No Merit Badge For This

“After Penn Fest, Ryan wants me to come over and hang out and then we’ll go to the Mall of  America”, Juan said.

Juan would be finishing up his shift at… 490 more words

Elizabeth Di Grazia

The best laid plans

Five blog posts in a year is not exactly how I recommend starting a blog. I am amazed that anyone continues to read this little thing at all but I sure do love to write. 1,471 more words

"Me Too!"

So yeah. Wow. I have a blog still.
July….was one hell of a month. I was able to get two weeks off for vacation, although not at the same time. 833 more words

We shouldn't really complain about men, if this is how we're raising our sons

I heard an astonishing statistic (unverified) a while ago, that 70% of African American children are raised in homes without a father. This really bothered me and got me thinking for a long time. 388 more words