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Election over, what next?

We need an independent movement to push for political reforms. And within those political reforms must be electoral reforms. And it must be the people and not the politicians who do this. 723 more words


Could Anwar be the Brain Behind the Sabah Invasion?

There was a loud bang on my door. My colleague apparently was overly eager to share the latest news on the Sabah conflict, with me. 913 more words

Sizzling HOT Topics In Coffee Dens!!!

"Karena Kita Percaya Akan Karma"

”Istriku dan aku menghabiskan tiga minggu di Bali pada bulan April tahun ini (2011). Kami di sana untuk merayakan ulang tahun perkawinan kami yang ke 38 sebagai tamu dari seorang sahabat yang sangat baik yang mengizinkan aku tinggal di vilanya yang indah secara gratis. 407 more words



After having been so impressed by the stand taken by two individuals i.e. Wee Choo Keong and Ahirudin Attan (a.k.a. Rocky)  during the time of the Prime Ministership of Pak Lah (Abdullah Ahmad Badawi)……… that culminated in the crushing demise of the UMNO led government’s two thirds majority in March 2008 ……. 319 more words

Rakyat's Concerns

Eradicate Umno culture in govt, says RPK [video]

Raja Petra Kamarudin says getting rid of Umno at the next general election would not be enough to bring about meaningful political change and reform. “If we just get rid of Umno and not the culture, nothing will change,” he said because Umno culture had infected key government agencies such as the Election Commission, police and military. 160 more words


Haris roasts Anas Zubedy (the 3rd Farce) for backing Umno 'whores and thieves'


Haris Ibrahim gives a roasting today to advertising man Anas Zubedy, who has offered another of his so-called alternatives to civil society’s alternative ideas on political change. 376 more words


Here comes the ‘3rd Farce' and with badges too

A sly backdoor move to get you to masuk Melayu?


Advertising man Anas Zubedy wants young Malaysians to join his new “3rd Force”, a  hijacked version of the Third Force that Raja Petra Kamarudin set up in 2010 as the Malaysian Civil Liberties Movement. 612 more words