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In Defence Of The Style Guide

A lot has been made of Bauer’s leaked Presentation Style Guide for BC1 stations this week. It’s been picked apart online, parodied on social media, and ridiculed by presenters on air. 789 more words


Changes at talkSPORT

As someone who listens to talkSPORT for 8 hours a day at work most days, news coming from the station today has shocked and saddened me. 878 more words

Too many foreigners with opinions on our media!

So, we just had announced the latest RAJAR figures. RAJAR is the body that gives little paper diaries to random people that are demographically all the same. 374 more words


RAJAR Q1 2016

Welcome to RAJAR day. The results for Q1 2016 are in and with a Red Bull in hand (other energy drinks are available) our experts have been pouring over the figures, assessing the changes and forming a view on the overall radio listenership trends during the quarter. 1,374 more words

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How do you listen to radio?

That’s the question asked by researchers compiling the latest Midas survey published by Rajar. Now, more than ever before, radio lives beyond the radio set and this research offers some additional insight into all radio and non-radio, audio listening. 190 more words

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