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Dry Fruit Kachori (Place of origin.in)

Place of Origin is filled with a variety of eatables. Once you open the website, you see many categories like snacks, sweets, staples and winter specials. 554 more words


Mooli ki Bhujji
A much loved veggie of the Rajasthanis. Though earlier the mooli was boiled and the water then squeezed out. I’ve just cooked it straight away and have an even more delicious Bhujji with all the benefits of mooli. 196 more words

Rajasthani Cuisine

Cooking Curry - video

Preparing authentic Indian curry is very easy as long as you know what to do. You can look on the Internet all you want, you’ll find lots of conflicting stories and recipes. 77 more words

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Amuse Bouche @ Amanbagh

You would least expect a contemporary amuse bouche in the middle of no where in Rajastahn. Chef Ram at Amanbagh creates one of the best experiences at Aman we’ve had. 143 more words

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Cuisine Of Rajasthan

The Mughal style did influence the royal Rajput kitchens of the past yet the common man’s fare remained untouched. The royals ate off gold, the nobles used silver, and all others were entitled to bronze. 560 more words


Govind Gatta
A lovely Rajasthani Shahi Variation of Gatta.

For the Gatta
1 cup besan

2 1/2 tbsp ghee/ oil

1/4 tsp ajwain

1/2 tsp chilli pwd… 403 more words

Rajasthani Maathi
A very simple but delicious flaky version of Mathri. With a thick crunchy exterior and flaky centre.

Earlier maathi was to be made in desi ghee so it would last for over a month and used to be made in bulk. 289 more words