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Dahi ke Chane
A delicious dish from Rajasthan . Full of flavour ( Jaisalmer)
1/2 cup black chickpeas soaked overnight

1 1/2 cup curd

1 tbsp besan… 210 more words

Rajasthani Ker
Ker a is a green berry like fruit of thorny bushes found majorly in arid regions of Rajasthan. They are very sour and are intnitially treated in. 199 more words

Kachri Khatti Meethi ( kachri sweet n sour)Kachri is a very tiny fruit from the melon family n looks like a tiny watermelon. It is also used as a meat tenderiser. 199 more words

The Ambrai Restaurant Udaipur

If you Prefere more than Food then please Head to this Beautiful Restaurant

Ambrai is located on the bank of Lake Pichola just on the other side of the Udaipur City Palace. 297 more words

Rajasthani Cuisine

Papar Mangodi

Since Rajasthan is a desert n in the olden days
Fresh veggies would rarely reach there n then only the very rich could get it . 243 more words

Authentic Marwari Cuisine will always have Choorma . This Delicacy of Rajasthan is Sheer Indulgence but so what once you dig in it is like heaven… 209 more words

Rajasthani kanji Bada

200 GMs Moong dal dhuli
1/2 tsp saunf crushed
3/4-1 tsp chilli pwd
2 green chillies
1″ PC ginger
1/2 tsp heeng… 333 more words