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NamCompendium 6: Cars, Cars, and Stars

We’re now three titles away from the next real megaton release fromĀ Namco, and goddamn do I dislike two of them. Let’s do it do it! 2,641 more words


Cult Video Game Essentials: Radar Rat Race

Before the days of virtual reality gaming, GTA and online co-ops if a video game player really wanted to live on the edge they would guide a mouse through a large maze – not just any maze, a maze where the camera follows your mouse and shows only a small portion of the maze at any given time. 183 more words


YouTube Highlights, Weekly Edition #28

Can you believe we’ve reached yet another Friday?! Funny how it just seems to come round each and every week like clockwork. :) Alright, in all seriousness, let’s get down to business. 303 more words


Hey Arcaders- Next up in our continuing tribute to Big Blue Box is a game we have on the 3rd floor, next to AstroBlaster-

PAC-MAN! 21 more words

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