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The Third-Party Deficit

I haven’t written about politics for a while because it’s just too depressing.  Now that the recent primary results make it increasingly look like we are in fact going to see an election in which Hillary Clinton leads the Democratic ticket and Donald Trump carries the Republican banner, I can only ask, where the hell are the viable third-party options? 429 more words


Cathedral Round-Up #9 (and One year blog-a-versary): Vote Early and Vote Often

Hey, everybody, EvolutionistX is now one year old. *Clinks glasses* Here’s to another year!

While you celebrate, please nominate your favorite posts for inclusion in the “favorite posts” section, or… 1,684 more words

The Cathedral

Breaking Through Power

I am very excited to be included as a speaker in a large conference Ralph Nader is putting together in Washington, DC at the end of May. 376 more words

War And Conflict

Now Is Not the Time to Teach the DNC a Lesson

Reading the online posts of Bernie Sanders’ supporters can be a very interesting and educational exercise. Here, one learns many things. For example, Hillary Clinton is obviously a conservative, because she was raised by Republican parents in a Republican town and supported Barry Goldwater 52 years ago—before she was old enough to vote. 1,657 more words

Hillary Clinton

Breaking Through Power: Historic Civil Mobilization Now by Ralph Nader

Dandelion Salad

by Ralph Nader
The Nader Page
April 22, 2016

Ever wonder why Presidential and Congressional election campaigns fail to meaningfully connect with civil society? 764 more words


"Ship Of Fools": The Inconvenient Truth, The "Bernie Or Bust" Crowd Is Indistinguishable From Right-Wing Fundamentalists

If you’re like me, and you know a number of “Bernie or Bust”-ers on social media who still insist that under no circumstances will they vote for the “corporatist” Hillary Clinton if she defeats Bernie Sanders for the Democratic presidential nomination, ask them to consider this scenario: 649 more words

Ted Cruz

Progressive scorecard

1968. The Democratic party, bitterly divided between liberals and way liberals, blows up.

1972. George McGovern is elected in a landslide victory and America is changed forever. 108 more words

2016 Presidential Election