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The NRA, to my knowledge, has never held a mass demonstration or march. You know why? Because, like all the most effective lobbies in this country, it focuses on just 535 human beings called senators and representatives. 380 more words

Quote Of The Day

Trump and His Betraying Makeover by Ralph Nader + Robert Weissman: Trump's Deal That "Saved Jobs" at Carrier Based on a $7 Million Tax Break & Reduced Regulations

Dandelion Salad

by Ralph Nader
The Nader Page
December 2, 2016

Attention workers who voted for Trump, either eagerly or as a vote against the hawkish, Wall Street favorite, Hillary Clinton: Donald Trump, less than a month after the election, has already begun to betray you. 826 more words


Recounting All the Craziness

Sometimes it seems this crazy election year will never come to an end. The weather around here has turned from a glorious indian summer to a windy chill since Election Day, but that awful presidential race is still being disputed and both sides are claiming its all rigged. 667 more words


"The Time to Get Involved is Now": The Story of the Stimulator (Part 2)

Part 1 available here.

Past events had always been a point of pride to Anarchists. In some strange, weird way we carried the small flashes of history where we’d been successful deep in our hearts because we couldn’t regularly find them in the world around us. 2,906 more words


The Curious Case of Marilyn Monroe's Purported Reincarnation

Here is a vintage case: the tale of a Canadian singer who believed herself to be Marilyn Monroe reborn, and the doctor who believed her. It hails from ye olde 2005, and has been immortalized in the book… 813 more words

Incredible Imagery

Why Free Trade Is Not Fair

By George P. Brockway, originally published March/April 2000

LET ME SAY at once that aside from a few broken windows, I believe the recent World Trade ¬†Organization (WTO) meeting in Seattle… 2,504 more words

The Dismal Science

An Insider's View of the 1%

The 1%

Directed by Jamie Johnson (2006)

Film Review

The 1%, produced and directed by Johnson and Johnson heir Jamie Johnson, offers a rare insider perspective on the dangers of extreme wealth inequality for contemporary society. 198 more words

The Global Economic Crisis