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A quick glimpse of The Hard Life

On Saturday last I went to London to see Adam Buxton’s BUG David Bowie Special with my sister and a friend.  It was an excellent, funny, dynamic presentation on Bowie and well worth the trip from Cambridge. 190 more words

Ralph Steadman: The Crucial Comic

August 2017 | GABE SCOTT | Juxtapoz

“Ralph Steadman has spent a lifetime conceiving and crafting images that are each a unique event. His audience responds to his personal artistic morality with pause, reflecting on how individual actions can determine a collective direction for the future. 1,199 more words


Blame it on the Deep State

The Russian trolls are getting to people. Fake News is like a parasite of the brain, it latches onto the subject’s preconceived notions of the world, its natural distrust for Western authorities and makes the subject share it to his friends and families. 883 more words

Political Commentary

Our Disease 3

    Modern Men

An old friend called Harry around 2 in the morning. Harry only made a sound when he picked up the phone, he was too tired to anything resembling a word. 2,066 more words

Our Disease (short Story In Parts)

Ralph Steadman

Somewhere in the forums of Sketchbook Skool, I mentioned Ronald Searle, and then someone replied and mentioned Ralph Steadman. I’d never heard of him. Found a whole documentary about the guy. 23 more words


The Reds. The Whites. The Reds. The Whites.

Does this mean I have to take sides?

From A Retrospective: Ralph Steadman exhibition, held at The Society of Illustrators between September-October 2016

September 24th, 2016

New York