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Bat Country is back hombres and hombrettes!

Yeah you have no idea what that is, well fuck it if I’m not gonna be happy about it. 977 more words

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Nextinction by Ralph Steadman and Ceri Levy.
Bloomsbury. Hardback, 224 pages, £35.00. Out now.

Review by Ben Myers

Try to describe Ralph Steadman’s influential and instantly recognisable style in one simple word and you may well come up with “life”. 124 more words

RALPH STEADMAN: PRINTIN' BACKWUDS │ Lazarides, London → 13 August 2015


“Stedmn’z drct n impulsv drōñ stîl brwt a ny levl v savjri t Britiš ṗlitcl cātūnñ in ɖ 1960z, n hz cntinyd t hv hyj impact ʈrt hiz influenšl n xtnsv c̣rir” 56 more words

Brain Pickings: Ralph Steadman’s Rare and Rapturous Illustrations for Ray Bradbury’s Fahrenheit 451

In his magnificent 2013 monograph, Proud Too Be Weirrd (public library), Steadman admits to having grown jaded with illustrating other people’s prose — “not much more than shameless self-indulgence” — but writes of having gladly completed the Bradbury project due to its “vitally important theme — the burning of all books.” He reflects on the significance of Bradbury’s masterwork:

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American Nightmares - Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas: A Savage Journey to the Heart of the American Dream by Hunter S. Thompson Let's Rock Book Review

What hits you with this book is the visceral thrill of riding through the Nevada desert in an old roofless Cadillac with the warm desert wind blowing into your face as you head to the messed up town of Las Vegas in a more messed up state and the intention of messing everything up in the process. 484 more words

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I was wrong.

Ralph Steadman is Dexter Morgan, not Patrick Bateman. Dexter’s appeal is that of the sane serial killer. The psychopathy, as denounced in Johnny Depp’s back-cover quotation for… 392 more words

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Five issues into a library copy of Kyle Baker and the late Robert Morales’s collected Captain America: Truth miniseries, I decided I would buy it. 613 more words