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The Mildenhall Treasure - Ralph Steadman

One of his earliest published pieces, The Mildenhall Treasure is a rare example of Roald Dahl as reporter. The author’s preface to the story sets the scene beautifully: One morning in 1946 Dahl is at the breakfast table in his mother’s home reading the newspaper when his eye is caught by the story of Roman silver dug up in a Suffolk field and recently acquired by the British museum. 723 more words

Roald Dahl

150 Years of Alice's Adventures In Wonderland at The Ransom Center

Quite a long time ago, 150 years in fact, down down down the rabbit hole little Alice went, and when she came out again she was not the same person as went in. 674 more words

Alice in Wonderland - engrossing gruesome nightmare

I was drawn to this production of Unsuk Chin’s Alice in Wonderland because of the incorporation of Ralph Steadman’s psychedelic art. I’ve been a huge fan of Steadman’s work ever since my university days, when my on-going love of Hunter S Thompson’s writing was first kindled. 863 more words


Alice's Adventures in Opera

Another big anniversary this year is the 150th anniversary of the publication of Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland!  What better way for us to celebrate than with… 228 more words



Trying new techniques after watching Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas


3rd Stone from the Sun


I’ve been born of spectacular purpose to help the suffering.  You know the Lord works in mysterious ways.   1,241 more words


Flann O'Brien

Flann O’Brien (1911-1966) , pen name of Irish writer and journalist Brian O’Nolan, wrote novels that were far ahead of their time. Postmodernism was not yet an existing word, when he quoted, borrowed and meta-ed (used… 216 more words