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Smoked mackerel pasta with dill pesto

Dill is something I could eat all day every day. That’s the Finnish in me. Of course the best way to enjoy dill is with fish, as these two are a match made in heaven. 303 more words

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Chilli & garlic corn on the cob

What’s messy, tasty, healthy and fun to eat? Corn on the cob!

I think corn on the cob is best enjoyed with plenty of flavour and grilled. 204 more words

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Palak paneer wraps

Palak paneer is an Indian dish of spinach and paneer cheese, and usually this is enjoyed with chappati or paratha as a side dish.

I simplified the recipe and reduced the amount of oil used (you really don’t miss it) and made it into a wrap. 260 more words

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Mediterranean lentil & spinach salad

You might have noticed I have been making mainly salads for the past week and the reason for that is it’s so hot in London right now. 444 more words

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Beauty smoothie

“This smoothie will make you look 10 years younger!!” …

… Is exactly the kind of false advertising you won’t hear from me. But still, this smoothie IS called beauty smoothie for a reason. 354 more words

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Moroccan inspired couscous salad

Couscous is such a nice alternative to pasta and rice, and so much easier to prepare. Minimal prep is required and it only takes a fraction of the time! 359 more words

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Super hydrating watermelon mocktail

It’s summertime, it’s hot (well, some days) and it’s Ramadan. How to supercharge your hydration AND energy levels after 19 hours of fasting? All in one go! 203 more words

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