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Learning About Ramadan

I’d mentioned to Z a couple of times that it will be Ramadan soon and yesterday we had a lovely chat about all the things we know about Ramadan and why it is a really special month for Muslims.  240 more words

Kids Stuff

Book Review: Welcome Ramadan!

I bought this book years ago, excited at the prospect of a children’s book dedicated to Ramadan (and not just Eid!)

Welcome Ramadan!

Lila Assiff-Tarabain… 704 more words


Benefits obtained in conditioning oneself to fast after Ramadan

Al Hafith Ibn Rajab (died 795h) stated: Benefits obtained in conditioning oneself to fast after Ramadan

1. Fasting the six days of Shawwal completes the reward for fasting a full year. 1,963 more words


The State of the Salaf in Ramadan - Rabee’ ibn Haadee al-Madkhalee

Question: A questioner is asking about the state of the Salaf in Ramadan.

Answer: In answering this question I say, that the state of the noble Messenger –Alayhi as-Salat wa Salam- in Ramadan is well known and he used to prepare for this month by fasting more in Shabaan. 838 more words


Prayer For Muslims

This past Sunday, I stumbled upon a booklet calling for Christians to pray for Muslims during the month of Ramadan.

The year I spent in Tanzania when I was seventeen, we hired a man to care for our yard and garden. 872 more words


Ramadan 2015 : Préparer le mois de Ramadan en couple

Pour beaucoup de couples, malheureusement, le mois de Ramadan rime avec éloignement, rigueur, froideur de la relation, bref une période qui est loin d’aboutir à l’épanouissement de la relation à deux. 619 more words


Things to be avoided during Ramadaan

Ramadan tips by Sheikh Alaa Elsayed

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