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First Short Story Publication!

Headscarves in the Jungle

Published in White Ash Literary Magazine’s fifth volume anthology “Onyx.” Available for purchase on Amazon.com

Beautiful recitations of Quranic poetry cascaded from the online alarm clock on my computer to wake me up for morning prayers. 1,050 more words


Ramadan In Oman

18 July 2015. Muscat. Oman

It started out just another time-killing day. Awaken too early in an empty house. No work as the Islamic equivalent of Christmas (one of them anyway), Eid al Fitr is underway and I have six days straight off. 2,569 more words


3 things to bring to the Masjid: Mecca and Madina

This is my third time going to Saudi Arabia, more specifically Mecca and Madina, and I believe I’ve become a pro at packing things to bring to the masjid. 235 more words

First Post

One Year Ago, American Muslims Were Insulted by President Obama at the Annual Ramadan Banquet at the White House

Last year during the month of Ramadan, at the very moment that the Israel “Defense” Forces (IDF) were mercilessly pounding the Gaza Strip and elsewhere the group known as the… 1,604 more words


Self-reflection during Ramadan 

There are two ways of being tired of eating during Ramadan:

  • One is when you wake up in the middle of night during Seheri and try to shove down as much food as you possibly can so you can keep your fast; even though just four or five hours ago you ate a full course meal.
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Eid-ul-Fitr in London (year of 2015)

Wah masya Allah… sudah masuk dalam suasana syawal. Sebelumnya saya ingin mengucapkan “Taqabbalallaahu minna wa minkum, shiyamana wa shiyamakum. Selamat Hari Raya Idul Fitri 1436 H” 612 more words


ABDULATEEF AL-MULHIM: Can we use Islamic rules in better way?

Arab News — Just a few weeks ago, a group of young Saudis led by Ayman Al-Sharif initiated a web link that they called Makkah Almukarrama Live. 148 more words