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Charges: Somali men shot near U of M after anti-Muslim abuse

Two Somalis observing Ramadan in Minneapolis were shot after they objected when a group of men confronted them and one said “f— Muslims.”

Anthony John Sawina, 26, of Lauderdale, Minnesota, is accused of firing several shots into a car containing five Somali men, injuring two and sending two of the others fleeing for safety. 357 more words


Statements of Wisdom

🔹قال بعض الحكماء:
🖋من تفرد بالعلم لم توحشه خلوة،
🖋ومن تسلى بالكتب لم تفته سلوة،
🖋ومن آنسه قراءة القرآن لم توحشه مفارقة الاخوان.
📕[ادب الدنيا والدين للماوردي]

✍🏻 قال ابن الجوزي رحمه الله :

يَا مَنْ وَفَّى رَمَضَانَ عَلَى أَحْسَنِ حَالٍ،

لا تَتَغَيَّرْ بَعْدَهُ فِي شَوَّالٍ،

يَا مَنْ رَأَى الْعِيدَ وَوَصَلَ إِلَيْهِ، مَتَى تَشْكُرُ الْمُنْعِمَ وَتُثْنِي عَلَيْهِ.

📚« التبصرة ٢-١١٤»


The Emirates

The Kathamndu airport and lounge was as good as before and when we  were boarding for our flight to Mumbai (our stopover) we were upgraded to first class! 1,156 more words


Chrétiens et musulmans. Un message de regrêt à Mgr Aubry, Evêque à la Réunion.

Publié le 23 juillet 2016 par Philippe Boehler

Monseigneur ,

Malgré tout le respect que je porte à votre fonction, permettez-moi de vous dire que votre message aux musulmans pour la fin du Ramadan va à l’encontre de celui donné par le Christ aux Apôtres il y a deux mille ans… 94 more words

Ramadan: Food for thought

If I go for more than two hours without consuming food or water I become angry, easily irritated, and over-dramatic – making claims that I am probably going to faint soon. 817 more words

Rough guide to Ramadan in Istanbul

For the past 2 to 3 years my wife has wanted to spend Ramadan in Istanbul. For a variety of reasons we were unable to go. 5,075 more words

projekt0414125: Montpellier, where I got Malaysian hospitality in France.

Damn, I’m off schedule.

After taking a short bus ride from Marseille, I arrived at another foreign city named Montpellier. I honestly didn’t have a proper plan to visit this city; in fact, in almost of all the cities in this trip. 982 more words