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Ramadan - A blessing

A month of self-restraint,
A month of self-reflection,
A month for purification of the soul,
A month for contemplation on the purpose of one’s existence, 90 more words

Gates of Jannah

via Daily Prompt: Gate

I feel blessed and full of hope after finding Islam. All thanks to Allah (subhanahu watalla) for guiding me.

Jannah is where every Muslim desires to enter in the hereafter. 393 more words


The Epitome of Surrender: Childbearing

This Ramadan, as I embarked on the return to salat in earnest as I discussed before, I knew that it would become a fixture because of this moment, and all of the moments left to come. 1,437 more words


Ramadan Recipe: Haleem

a traditional recipe eaten around the middle east and asia, this recipe is varies from region to region and although this may not be the traditional way of cooking it but this is how i make it 241 more words

Food And Drink

The Solemnization / Nikah

Hello! Thanks for still being here! Here’s another follow up to the previous entry.
PS: Long read ahead.

This is actually THE most important part of your wedding, the solemnization / nikah.   1,302 more words


Changing Perceptions

When I told friends I’d be spending the summer studying in Tajikistan, the most common response I got was, “where is Tajikistan?”

Tajikistan is a landlocked country in Central Asia, nestled among the other countries that end with –stan, south of Russia and west of China. 493 more words


So we ended Ramadan nearly 3 weeks ago. As usual, it was a spiritually uplifting period and it’s always a bit sad to see it go because the body gets so in tune with the routine. 107 more words