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From the Slavery of our Desires to the Slavery of Allah

Ramadhan is the month where the believer is reminded of why he was created. It is the time when the bond between the Creator and created is at its strongest, where we are reminded of the power, knowledge and love Allah سبحانه وتعالى has for us. 1,361 more words


I Give You a Quran Challenge

It’s a Sunday and I decide to nip out to get my self a veggie burger from Chicken Cottage. I’m typically in fairy land as I walk through town but the color yellow got my attention. 720 more words


Tips For Shahr Ramadhan


Reflect on what you hope to gain from the blessed month. It can be a goal you want to reach at the end of the month, weekly goals or even daily. 223 more words

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Sanity and the Qur’an

The thought of losing one’s mind due to old-age, illness or an accident is most certainly a worrying one to say the least. The gift of sanity, especially for a Muslim who consciously seeks to invest in every single second in preparation for the Hereafter, is a particularly precious one. 114 more words



As I have preplanned for Ramadan shopping  because it would be too much of a crowd when we shop near to the day of Ramadan, I was astonished as I’m not the only one with the plan. 131 more words

Make this Ramadan the best one yet!

Bismillah Rabi zidnee ilmaan
“ My Lord! Increase me in knowledge.”

Assalamualaikum wa-rahmatullahi wa-barakatahu,

Ramadan is one of the most blessed months.  We usually take Ramadan very lightly just to keep fasts and the day goes on we’re basically on an empty stomach waiting for the fried feast in the evening which is usually everyone’s case. 843 more words