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Turkish Rice Pudding "Sütlac"

Rice pudding came to Turkey via the Silk Road. It is said that the variation “Sütlac” was created by a man who had stomach pain and made it to cure his illness.

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Who Will be Under the Shade of Allah on the Resurrection Day?

As we all that know, this life is temporary and one-day will be destroyed. Allah is the One Who shaped this universe and on His decision, this worldly life will be demolished. 370 more words


With a Cough and a Splutter

Last week, the dreaded common cold arrived on our doorstep for the third time this winter, quickly claiming its victims. But the bug had its uses, for a few days spent on the sofa allowed me some time to reflect. 558 more words

Everyday Life

I Didn't Pray for 10 Years Part 2

It’s February, and for a lot of us that means the motivation to keep up with our New Year’s resolution is starting to dwindle. Unfortunately, building a habit isn’t as simple as “just doing it” but it’s not impossible either. 520 more words


Military Diet say whaaa...

I wrote this 3 days ago…

After spending countless hours on YouTube and Google, searching for a diet, I finally decided to try out the Military Diet. 1,525 more words

Ramadan 2

When do we eat breakfast in Ramadan?We our eat breakfast in the very early morning, when you wake up in the early morning, you have to hurry because you will have to pray Fajr.