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Morocco During Ramadan

I think the experience of travelling during these important religious dates can vary,  contingent of course on where the traveller goes, the people they meet along the way, and what kind of experience they are looking for from the destination. 447 more words


The Ramadan Special

We just got back from dinner that we’ve been smelling for the past couple hours! And wow, did they deliver! The grandmother came and collected us from our bedroom around 7, and brought us over to the main room for dinner! 1,166 more words


New Work for Cricket

Here is one of three illustrations I did for an upcoming issue of Cricket magazine about a Syrian refugee who feels ostracized at school as he fasts through Ramadan. 65 more words

Art, Painting, Process, And Image

Doublespeak and ‘Double Hearing’ : a Response


From a well-known intellectual, academician and civil activist, Tariq Ramadan, in his book, What I Believe, mentioned about people’s prejudice comment about him as follows, “Some people have claimed I used doublespeak without ever providing clear evidence. 1,261 more words


The Beginning of my Journey

Hidden papers, emails, and calls. Days after weeks of planning and eavesdropping. It was a hot summer June day at a park. The sun burst through the clouds giving a shine that hurt our eyes. 614 more words


Islam: How Muslim's Practice their Faith

Muslims use five different ways to practice their faith, theses are also seen as the five pillars of Islam.

Shahdah: This is the first of the five pillars. 293 more words


Guess where this was? In the Middle East? Correct!

But what country?

Hmmm.. maybe Saudi Arabia!

Yes you’re right! This was taken in my Aunt’s House in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia. 46 more words