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Traffic in Binyamin - 'A new type of terrorism'

Head of Beit El Council laments PA traffic from Ramallah blocking up road from Binyamin communities to J’lem.

The residents of Binyamin spend every morning on the way to Jerusalem and every evening back from Jerusalem to the communities north of the capital in heavy traffic jams and, despite the work to expand and improve the road, the problem of traffic jams is far from being solved. 282 more words

Inside Israel

First Month Feels

If you know me, you know that this post is long overdue. I have been meaning to write about moving from the United States, but a dark cloud of writer’s block has been overwhelming me. 530 more words


Top Left to Bottom Right: Statue in Arafat Square with the Palestinian flag, which is only allowed in areas totally controlled by the Palestinian authority; Arafat’s tomb; ruins of Jericho; fountain in Jericho; the border between Jordan and Israel at Jesus’s baptism site; a key being held by a Palestinian, symbol of return; “Palestine is the Holy Land, Not Painting a Wall”; Jerusalem skyline near the Western Wall; the Western Wall.


In the Beginning...

With the start of classes and thus the start of the semester, my time abroad has ceased to be a whirlwind. However, it is a whirlwind of blessings and unique opportunities that I will forever be grateful for. 1,833 more words


One Wedding And Four Funerals

Where ends Ramallah, Jerusalem begins
Two neighbors, talk of, last night’s mayhem
Whilst four mothers moan, by their, sons’ coffins
Welcomes, wedding guests, mother of Aleichem! 104 more words


The main idea established in the minds of Israelis last week was that a new war against the Gaza Strip will be of no use to Israel.

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IDF uses teargas against Palestinian students near Ramallah, dozens injured

At least two Palestinians were injured, and dozens reportedly suffered from suffocation, as students clashed with Israeli Defence Forces near Beit El checkpoint, north of Ramallah, Tuesday.

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