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Your Karma Ate My Dogma...Part 3

Sometime during the mid-90s, at a workshop at Omega, situated in Rhinebeck, upstate New York, I asked Bob Thurman, ex-Buddhist monk and father of the lovely Hollywood star, Uma Thurman, to explain the laws of karma. 869 more words

Metaphysical Fiction/Stream Of Conciousness

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Mira Prabhu, residing at Arunachala in South India, explains the nature of karma in her characteristic straightforward way that everyone can understand.


…is all it takes to blast open the mind and to prove to us, from the inside where it counts, that what we take for reality, as revealed to us via the five senses and our limited finite mind, is just a thin covering over an Absolute reality simply staggering in its intricate beauty and vast complexity. 746 more words

Metaphysical Fiction/Stream Of Conciousness

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Lasting happiness and peace are an inside job...Mira Prabhu

Zen and Advaita Vedanta: Bodhidharma , Adi Shankaracharya and Ramana Maharshi

When I read the “Tao Te Ching” translation by James Legge I wasn’t quite convinced by the translation. Even though I never read the book before it felt like the meaning was not accurately delivered by the translation. 677 more words


How to overcome fear?

We all have fear. Fear of failure, fear of losing, fear of speaking in the public, there are various forms of fear. In whatever expression it may appear, fear ultimately is linked to death. 305 more words


Beautiful short video of Bagawan Ramanar's 67th aradhana

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Very grand alankaram and I like the way they give chances to all devotees to sing – Ilayaraja is just one of them. 79 more words

Periyava TV

The Contemplative Way of Life

This is the last article Joel asked the Ramana Maharishi ashram to publish in their quarterly “The Mountain Path”. The title of this article is: “The Contemplative Way of Life” Check out page 228 in the downloadable Mountain Path of October 1965. 96 more words


Starting the Contemplative Life

Here another Mountain Path Quarterly of the Ramana Maharishi community, where Joel’s writings are included. First in this publication they show an appreciation to Joel… 342 more words