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The Only Spiritual Life You Need Is Not To React!

“The only spiritual life you need is not to react.” To be calm is the greatest asset in the world. It’s the greatest siddhi, the greatest power you can have. 142 more words


Nector of Immortality

When I was 15 years old, I had a goal, an aim-

” 30 is a grand old age to die and I will finish doing whatever I want to do in life before that.” 582 more words

Parmahmasa Sri Nithyananda Swami

Book Recommendation - Conscious Immortality by Paul Brunton and Munagala Venkataramiah


“So long as there is the sense of separation, there will be afflicting thoughts. If the original source is regained and the sense of separation is ended, there is peace. 461 more words



With Samhain (the end of the Celtic year) just gone and traditionally the time of year for remembering those who have left their bodies but not our hearts, I thought I’d offer my thoughts on this, attention capturing of subject. 724 more words


A walk around a mountain

When we meet a vastness that we cannot fathom, we are drawn into a different space. This space is inclusive – and we realise – indeed feel – ourselves to be part of something that is larger than us. 871 more words



The whole meditation “thing” can be very confusing for people. It’s no wonder people are confused though. There seems to be so many forms of meditation out there and mindfulness has become quite a “cool” thing. 726 more words