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Exploring the ramblas of Tabernas

This morning we drove to Tabernas with the intention of exploring the desert landscape. We know the town and everybody has heard of its tourist attractions, the wild west villages built for the spaghetti westerns, but we had not explored the desert countryside before. 326 more words

Hotel Manila, Barcelona (Badia, 7)

When Conxita Badia takes part in the hommage to Enric Granados in 1966, Hotel Manila by then is a luxury hotel, which venue after the concert becomes the cultural reference of the Catalan capital. 170 more words

Conxita Badia, Singer

Match Report: vs London City

Having secured a fine win last week away at Bickley Park, the Ramblas returned to Pickhurst Rise to take on London City in a match that turned out, to quote… 386 more words


Ramblas and other center of roadway configurations in the real world

The City is currently studying enhancements to North Broadway from 25th to 42nd St.. One idea that that has been proposed by the City is to convert the center of the road to a promenade / ramblas configuration with a multi-modal pathway and parking in the center. 227 more words

Rambla de Las Negras

Yesterday morning we walked up the Rambla de Las Negras, known locally as Los Barrancos, in the Spring sunshine. This rambla leads off the Rambla de Las Aguillas at the edge of the village inland towards the mountains and is the only one in Las Negras which always has water trickling down it all year. 164 more words