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The only thing worse than eating crap food is eating overpriced crap food. Wanting to spare the blushes of a certain chain of restaurant that epitomises said axiom, let’s just say that anywhere I can think of would be better than that place. 23 more words



Joaquim correva fra le Ramblas, passo svelto rapido, senza mai voltarsi dietro. La polizia dietro di lui si avvicinava sempre più rapidamente, forti della loro altezza e della loro autorità. 326 more words


Rapporti sottintesi?

Feste, gioia e colori vivaci riempono di norma la vita quotidiana della Catalogna, ma anche episodi di terrore e di spavento non mancano in un clima molto variegato; personificando questo Stato, interpretandolo, si notano dei caratteri comuni alla figura umana, precisamente di un figlio cresciuto abbastanza da capire di essere limitato, forse, dalla sua famiglia. 672 more words


How a Dubious CIA Document is Fuelling Tensions in Catalonia

By Zach Campbell and cross-posted from The Intercept

Tensions are running high in Barcelona. Last month saw a terrorist attack on one of the city’s main thoroughfares, Las Ramblas, which killed a dozen people and injured more than 100. 413 more words

The Endless War

Spain's Muslims see hatred spike since Barcelona attacks

Until the Barcelona terrorist attacks, it seemed as if Spain were almost immune to anti-Islamic sentiments. But the number of Islamophobic incidents has increased dramatically since then, and Spanish Muslims are worried. 876 more words

Back to Barcelona

I committed myself to revisiting this view of La Placa Reial in Barcelona whilst I was away on holiday, and before last week’s horrific attacks. Unsurprisingly, those events did play on my mind whilst painting. 1,048 more words


Catalonia's Islamic extremism problem

Radical Islamists are more active in Barcelona than in most other Spanish cities. The reason lies partly in the autonomous nature of the government, and partly in the multicultural character of the city. 900 more words

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