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It Sure Is Pretty Here . . .

. . . but that’s the beauty of WordPress, isn’t it? Everything is just so neat and organized and formatted like a Christmas present. Understanding all of it, though, is where I get a little cross-eyed. 729 more words

Random But Relevant

Why I Love My Job

“I gotta hand it to you. I could never do what you do all day, every day.”  People say it to me all the time.  You know what?  618 more words

Ramble Ramble

March, Revisited.

I’m forcing myself to write this now, while the subject remains semi-relevant. This past month was so full and chaotic, but in a nice “my life needs a little more balance, but it’s kinda great” sort of way. 873 more words


How did Martin Luther write 95 of these things?!


I’ve been MIA, and I apologize. I would say it’s not going to happen again but, let’s be real, it’s going to happen again. 561 more words

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Make The Memory

It has been almost a year since I have written in my blog.  Trust me, it isn’t for a lack of material. This has been THE year of change for myself and my family.  616 more words

Ramble Ramble

What happens to an angel after they die? Do they simply stop existing?

Given how angels are often perceived— these holy forces of wrath and destruction but also peace and compassion, as well as these creations of energy and stars and light and grace, and all descriptions of such are true. 429 more words

Very First Post !!!

I usually suck at first posts. I fail at trying to act all “quirky” and “cool” and pretty much at just making it brief. Right now I have reached a horrible low at my life and I thought I would give it a try at this blog thing! 340 more words